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Cruising Past Petrozavodsk

A cruise along the Russian waterways from St. Petersburg takes you to Lake Ladogo and then past Petrozavodsk. This is home to a university and professors of music intent on preserving the Russian folk culture. Music in all its varieties was a feature of the trip on the way to Moscow.

Time to Opt For Star Cruise Packages As Newer Destinations Open Up

If you are strapping rich and wish to explore the most exotic destinations around the globe, there is no better way to do the same other than opting for star cruise packages. Such vacation plans not only provide memories to cherish, but also help discover and unravel the mysteries of far off lands.

Emerald Princess Atrium

Picture of the Emerald Princess cruise ship atrium, courtesy of Princess Cruises

Antarctic Iceberg

Picture of Antarctic iceberg from Antarctica's iceberg alley

Creating a Cruising Plan

Your cruising plan should include the scope of your plan. - Understanding the dream. - Is this your dream or is this a share dream between you and your partner?

A 4-Day Mexican Cruise - It's Far More Affordable Than You Ever Though

Mexico is close by. A Mexican cruise that lets you experience a great and memorable time, doesn't have to take long - a three day cruise on a luxury cruise liner is often all you need for a great romantic experience out at sea. Coastal towns in Mexico like the Puerto Vallarta were first made po

Embarking Upon The Sea Princess With Truth

I am from the United Kingdom, Liverpool. I am interested in meeting new people from various cultures. I have every intention to earn a living from the internet with article writing and various other process has I learn them.

Winter Cruises in Norway

Norway offers a host of exciting winter adventures.Husky image by jemey from Fotolia.comWith its rugged coastline, mountainous landscape and vast arctic terrain, Norway is a spectacular destination no matter the season you visit. Winter, however, offers the added majesty of the Northern...

Cruising for the Holidays

The fun doesn't stop in the ship. A cruise is ideal for any Orlando group travel because you are given the chance to choose the destinations and stop offs with different cruise lines covering