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The Appeal of Taking a Honeymoon Cruise

Probably the greatest thing about a honeymoon cruise is the sense of utter isolation the newlyweds can experience. There is little chance of an intrusion from the outside world when the cruise ship is hundreds of miles offshore giving the newlyweds the opportunity for time alone.

Viminacium Roman Baths

Photo of the Viminacium Roman Baths, which are on the site of a Roman military camp and town that dates back to the 1st through the 5th century

Norwegian Epic Family Balcony Cabin

Picture of a Norwegian Epic cruise ship family balcony cabin. This cabin has the sofa near the door and the bed next to the balcony.

Norwegian Epic - Kid's Aqua Park

Cruise ship photo of the Norwegian Epic Kid's Aqua Park, which is a splash area for small children near the Epic Plunge water slides

Ecuador Cruise Vacations

Cruises to Ecuador often visit the Galapagos Islands, as well as ports along the coastpelican image by Alexander from Fotolia.comLocated on South America's northwest coast, Ecuador borders both Peru and Columbia. Cruises visiting the Ecuador often visit the Galapagos Islands, which are...

Some Common Terms You May Encounter on a Cruise

There are a number of naval terms used when on a cruise, that can sometimes be a little confusing. Although this list is in no way complete, here are a few terms, and what they mean in plain language!Aft: This is the back of the boat, or at least towards the rear end, where the propellers will be.

How to Find The Best Carnival Cruise Deals

Going on a cruise can be a great way to spend a vacation and if you have gotten one of the good Carnival cruise deals out there even better. Cruising is an inexpensive way to take a beautiful vacation. You room, food and entertainment are all included in the one price of the cruise. If you add to th

Bon Voyage!

Many people are familiar with that phrase as it is the one they hear once they've embarked on their travels. Hearing this phrase conjures up images of a luxury liner filled with cheering people waving to a number of persons on the dock seeing them off.

Handicapped Accessible Cruises From Tampa

Tampa cruise ships offer many options for handicapped travelers.devant l'oc??an image by Francis Lemp??ri?¡§re from Fotolia.comCruising aficionados know that the Port of Tampa, Florida, prides itself on being one of the southernmost gateways to the Caribbean and Central America. The...