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Exiting a Lock on the Nile River

Picture of the River Tosca of the Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection exiting a lock on the Nile River in Egypt

Check Out Specialty Dining on Your Next Cruise - You Won't Be Disappointed

A few years back my wife and I decided to go on a cruise to Bermuda for our wedding anniversary. Normally we would take a weekend trip somewhere within a reasonable driving distance, but in this particular year we really wanted to go on a cruise.We chose the Royal Caribbean cruise line as our means

Explore Fabulous Locations Across The World With Luxury River Cruises

River cruise trips are the best way to explore scenic locations and popular tourist spots in a city or region. These cruises take you across places where you can meet new people, shop in colorful markets and eat exquisite food. River cruises are available in various cities across Europe,

Carnival Vacation Package - A New Adventure Awaits

A cruise can be a great vacation for both couples and families. You can find many great places to travel to and find the relaxation you deserve. When you take a cruise from one of the many US destinations and you land in one of the many ports around the world, you will find the fun and excitement yo

Planning a Family Cruise

Going on a holiday with the family involves long-term planning. Why? Well, you need to set a date that is convenient for everyone. Then, of course, you need to check if you have enough budget for it. Nevertheless, cruising with your family must be agreeable to all.

Three Great Reasons to Use A Cruise Agent

Number One: A cruise agent works on your behalf, but the cruise lines pay them commission to handle the booking process on its behalf. The cruise lines expect the booking agent to serve as the point of contact between them and you. This is great for the cruise lines.

The Statendam History

The SS Statendam was built by Belfast shipbuilders Harland and Wolff for the Holland America Line cruise company. Harland and Wolff also built many other well-known cruise ships of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

What You Can Expect From Alaskan Cruises

Thousands of miners left Seattle to pain for gold and fortune in Alaska during the 1890s. Today, more than 835,000 passengers are expected to pass through Seattle on their way to Alaska on Alaskan cruises. Most come for the quiet, untainted scenery or the rare wildlife sightings.

Why You Should Consider a Princess Caribbean Cruise

If you are ready to leave the cold and snow of winter in favor of a more tropical climate, consider a Princess Caribbean cruise for your next "fun in the sun" adventure. For romance and elegance, the original "Love Boat" cannot be beat, and you are guaranteed to find an itinerary

Cruising Around Exotic Places

When we decide to go on an exotic cruise holiday we always have unrealistic expectations. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. When we return we want to say that we went to an exotic trip and had a wonderful time.

Fog over Valley in Norway

Picture of fog over a valley on the road between Mehamn and Kjollefjord, Norway. Photo was taken on a nighttime reindeer spotting expedition from a 5-night Hurtigruten Norwegian coastal voyage from Kirkenes to Bergen on the MS Midnatsol.