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Do I Need an Attorney?

This article discusses whether or not you need an attorney when you are arrested. The answer is yes, you absolutely need an attorney!

Hit and Run Offense in Florida

Leaving the scene of the accident, or €hit and run,€ is a serious criminal offense under Florida Law, specifically Florida Statutes 316.062. A conviction may lead to substantial fines, jail terms, and the loss of ...

Restitution for Bad Checks

Bad checks are a risk of doing business if the company accepts checks as a form of payment. Check restitution is the method by which a merchant recovers his losses when a customer writes a check fraudulently or unintentionally when the customer lacks the funds to cover the check.

Drug-Related Crimes

Drugs are a very large illicit in industry in the United States.To fight the use of drugs, the United States has passed many laws making drug-related activities illegal.

Criminal Justice and Mitigating Factors

When a judge sentences a person for committing a crime, he looks at the crime, and in many situations follows guidelines that give him a range of sentences that fit that particular offense. Not everyone gets the same sentence for the same crime, however, because of differences in circumstances. Fact

How to Find an Expert Bail Bondsman

Finding out that a loved one has been arrested can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Likely, you're angry and embarrassed but also concerned. Your top priority is finding the fastest way to get them out of ...

California Drunk Driving Consequences

If you've been convicted of a DUI in California, you have likely discovered the severity of the punishment. California has some of the nations toughest DUI laws. Finding a well reviewed lawye

Is Prank Calling Illegal?

While prank calling may not inflict any direct harm or impede a person's freedom, some states consider it a form of harassment, stalking or bullying. Most states have laws against prank calling. Check your state's laws if in doubt.

Insanity Defense & Substance Abuse

Settled insanity is a substitute for the insanity plea and substance abuse. It is used when an individual charged with a crime attempts to avoid or reduce sentencing by claiming insanity at the time of the crime due to substance abuse. Substance abuse is classified in "Diagnostic and Statistical Man

Questions Related to Joint Physical Custody Laws

There are many important factors that couples who file for a divorce or legal separation need to consider. One among them would be the future of the child. Few of the couples may file for ...

How Bad Is the Crisis in America's Prisons?

The size of the American prison population and the effects and expenses of incarceration are out of control. We are headed for trouble as a nation without major criminal justice and prison reform.

Get To Know About the Contractual Defense Attorney

A lawyer for the time being is appointed through the law office to execute a particular job for a specific time span. Once the task or time span is accomplished, the connection between the lawyer ...

What to Look for Before Hiring Criminal Lawyers In Toronto?

Being accused of a criminal lawyer toronto can be a startling and confounding knowledge. Underneath you will discover answers to as often as possible made inquiries with respect to potential barriers to criminal offenses, the ...