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Can the Police Search My Car?

This article examines the legality of vehicle searches by the police, and what rights drivers have. Read this before you consent to a search of your car.

How to Expunge a Nevada Criminal Record

Expunging a criminal record in the state of Nevada can be done for a number of reasons. Doing so can make finding a job easier, and can also allow you to live in a wider range of housing. Removing a criminal conviction can also enable you to travel overseas to countries that have a prohibition again

How to Reduce Snipe in a Ridgid Planer

Snipe refers to the few inches on the leading and tailing ends of a board that are sometimes planed more deeply than the rest of the board, leaving indents that are narrower than the rest of the board. This problem is caused by the ends of the board lifting up before they are engaged by the second f

Getting Out Of Jail With Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are useful for people who have been arrested and have a challenge in posting a bail amount themselves. They work in the same manner but a bail bondsman facilitates the process for a fee.

Being Familiar With the Rights of the Accused

The United States Constitution contains several amendments which, collectively, serve to outline and guarantee the rights of American citizens, including when they are charged with crimes. The rights which are guaranteed to all citizens in regards to being accused of crimes are called the Rights of

DUI Lawyer Advice: What To Do

If you are ever pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence a DUI lawyer can help you. Learn how to deal with a DUI charge and arrest.

What do Sex and Intoxication have in Common?

Understanding the crime of DWI begins with knowing the legal definitions of words. Legal guilt and factual guilt are not the same thing and should never be confused. This article explores and explains

Maryland Dwi Laws

There are two different types of charges for drunk driving cases in the state of Maryland. They are based on the amount you have had to drink and they vary in severity of consequences.

Top DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney in Glendale

'I was ready to put an Interlock in my car when I went and spoke to Attorney Steinberger. He told me that I should request an MVA hearing instead. He was absolutely right. On the day of the hearing, A

The Best Foreclosure Lawyer Baltimore

In this fast and developing world of today's lot of issues and complications have developed which gave rise to many more problems. The Debt settlement Baltimore means problems and issues arising from facts like for ...

The Short-Term Goals & Job Training for Ex-offenders

Job training programs for ex-offenders provide the specific job skills that a inmate needs to leave jail, apply for and begin a job. These programs provide an ex-offender with a number of advantages: motivation to be a strong employee, help through the transition back into society, the necessary str

Bounty Hunter Laws

Bounty hunter laws vary widely from state to state, allowing things as varied as private arrests, the use of force or collaboration with local law enforcement in order to apprehend fugitives.

Get Proper Representation From a Former Prosecutor

It can be quite overwhelming to choose the right criminal defense lawyer who will represent your case. Nowadays, there are a lot of professionals who can provide you with a respectable profile. These may include ...