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The ABCs of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) For the DUI Felony Driver

The main problem in most DUI defense situations is that the person's blood alcohol content (BAC) is the same or higher than the legal maximum. If the BAC is higher than the maximum, then a person is legally drunk and may be punished by the legal system.

The Difference Between Aggravated Assault & Domestic Violence

Assault, aggravated assault and domestic violence are terms that often can intersect when dealing in matters of crime. Simply put, aggravated assault can occur in matters of domestic violence, but not all cases of domestic violence qualify as aggravated assault. Some may be defined as simple assault

GAO Whistleblower Protection Act

The Whistleblower Protection Act provides protection for federal employees who "blow the whistle" or announce evidence of illegal or improper activities of the federal government. The law gives federal employees the right to reveal wrongdoing without fear of repercussions.

Pay a Traffic Ticket

If perhaps you want to learn easy ways to pay a traffic ticket in Southern California, read on to understand more. For illustration, if you in the recent past received the traffic citation, you may ...

Miranda Warnings

When someone is in police custody and being questioned about a crime that has taken place, the police must give Miranda warnings.The right to remain silent is included in the Miranda warnings to protect a suspect from self-incrimination.You have probably heard this warning before on TV or in the mov

Bankruptcy and DUI

The ramifications of a DUI charge are substantially more widespread than many people initially understand. At first, offenders comprehend the criminal aspect of DUI allegations, which can lead to jail time or significant fines. The recognition of license penalties can shortly set in, as suspended or

How A Good Drug Crime Attorney Can Help You

If you've been arrested for a charge related to illicit substances, you need a good drug crimes attorney on your side. A lawyer firmly committed to your case can get charges dismissed, reduce punishments, or possibly get you off scot free. In any case, you are always better off going into a leg

Criminal Law is a Noble Calling

Most people get into the legal field to help people. They want to work to help families with the difficult tasks involved in managing an estate. Other times they are looking to work to ensure ...

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Criminal Lawyer

The criminal legal system can prove complex particularly for persons who do not possess the necessary legal background. In case you are charged with crime, you are likely to face many legal issues, which can prove confusing and overwhelming. Therefore, in case you are charged with crime, it is impor

North Carolina Pattern Jury Instructions for Criminal Cases

Pattern jury instructions are sample instructions designed to be given to juries when deciding a criminal or civil case. Pattern jury instructions in North Carolina, which are published by the University of North Carolina School of Government by permission of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, are

Oregon Bench Warrant Information

When a person is charged with a crime, a judge may release him on his own recognizance or with bail or bond as security to insure his return to court. That person is required to appear in court as scheduled or risk forfeiting any bail or bond posted.

The Key to Social Security Identity Theft Protection

The number of criminal identity theft cases is on the increase but unfortunately this is not necessary equivalent to the number of cases that actually come into court for sentencing. One of the bigges

Hiring a DWI Attorney

This article helps you to hire best DWI attorney in Houston, Texas, USA. Once you are charged with DWI or DUI in Houston, Texas, don't panic. You need to look for DUI Attorney or DWI Lawyer.

Federal Bail Bonds Demystified

Whether you expect it or not, brushes with law can take place in life. Both men and women can get trapped in many types of legal hassles resulting in arrest and imprisonment. Luckily, until your ...

Hire Proficient Injury Solicitors

Many a times it happens that while you are roaming in around other person's property, you might get injured. Generally at that time people put up a case with the help of an injury solicitor. ...