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Acquitted Conduct - Federal Judges Circumventing Jury Verdicts

Even if someone is found not guilty by a jury of one count, but convicted of another count, a federal judge can sentence them as if they were found guilty on both counts. There are also instances where defendants are sentenced for crimes of which they have not been indicted or for uncharged conduct.

On Sexual Assault and Its Penalties

There are a lot of women who need the help of a sexual assault lawyer, as sexual assault is one of the crimes that are commonly committed against women. In Las Vegas, sexual assault is considered as o

Responsible Actions Regarding Personal Injury

Many people say it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt either physically or emotionally. However, when an injury occurs, the most pressing issue is determining whether the act was done on pur

Selecting a DUI lawyer in Orange County

Drinking under the influence (DUI) of alcohol leads to accidents and is considered a crime in California. Unfortunately, the number of cases of drunk driving has been increasing with each passing day in Orange County ...

Barrister Services The Advocate Clerk

In every business challenge a company will face outnumber of internal resources, and it is always known and recognised the need of Barrister services. This service is originated in England and it is known for ...

What is Misdemeanor Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence may be charged as a felony or misdemeanor in Los Angeles and California. In most cases, whether or not this crime is prosecuted as one or the other has to do with the severity of the

What Is an Open Arrest?

An open arrest warrant means the police is looking to arrest the person listed on the warrant but have yet to do so. The person listed is often considered "wanted" by the police.

Arizona's Proposition 203 Passes

Arizona has recently joined a small group of states which legalizes medical marijuana. This article describes how the proposition came about, passed, and what it means for Arizona.

How to find and select a good DUI lawyer

There are different ways to find a dui lawyer to assist anyone with their case. Some rely on technology, to get all the information they need like using computers. It's one of the easiest and

How to Clear a Criminal Record in Alabama

In Alabama, you can clear your criminal record if your arrest didn't result in a conviction. But if you were convicted and you are over 18, your criminal record is permanent. You can claim inaccuracies or try to challenge your record, but Alabama never expunges criminal convictions unless your convi

Criminal Lawyer for Defence against Property Offences

There are different types of property offences that can affect the personal as well as professional life of the accused. Such a case has serious consequences on the accused. In less severe cases, fines are ...

Importance of Arrest History Investigation

The main reason an arrest history investigation is conducted is to assist an employer to recognize a bad apple from the various employees that are seeking for an occupation.

How to Expunge an Arrest in Pennsylvania

If you have been arrested, even for a minor criminal offense, you will have a permanent criminal record. Therefore, if you are trying to acquire a job, apply for student loans or even rent an apartment, your criminal history may hinder the process. You can, however, expunge an arrest record in Penns

Elements of Homicide

Homicide is legally defined as the act of one human being killing another human being. There are several types of homicide including intentional, negligent, reckless and justifiable homicide. Even though each of these types is different, they are all composed of common elements that define them with

Understand How Criminal Record Clearing Is Executed

Criminal record clearing is often misunderstood, due to incomplete information or lack of awareness among citizens about expungement and the lifetime benefits it offers. Criminal record clearing varies by countries and states and in Washington ...

DUI Defenses

Despite what you may have been told, there are defenses to a D.U.I. charge and the charges that go along with it.

A Public Records show on the debate on Gun Law

Whether firearms should be prohibited or not is still a question as most people has taken this for self defense. But the fact that most homicide deaths are brought about by guns should not be pushed a