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Expungement Vs Sealing a Criminal Record

Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime, but not convicted? Do you have one mistake on your record that seems to constantly come up and negatively affect your life? If so, you may want to consider applying to have your record expunged or sealed. Expungement or sealing is a one-time oppor

Criminal Law in Miami: An Overview

If you have been arrested with a criminal charge in Miami, the immediate step that you should take is to hire a criminal lawyer. Miami criminal law is very complicated. Handling a legal case requires ...

How to Expunge a Misdemeanor Bench Warrant After Two Years

Petitioning the court to have your criminal records expunged can make it easier to obtain housing or employment. Records are expunged when a person, or an attorney acting on someone's behalf, petitions the court to have court and arrest records sealed. Certain conditions must be met to have records

New York DW Ignition Interlock Devices Law Unconstitutional

New York State introduced Leandra's Law in 2009, and started applying it in August of 2010. The new law mandated all first time DWI offenders have ignition interlocks installed and monitored for six months on all cars they own and/or operate. Is this new law constitutional?

Check a Person’S Criminal Record Online

Some official sites of state have made criminal records open for the sake of public safety. The main purpose of it is to make the people feel safer by making the threats known to them. ...

How to Report Harassing Mail to the Postmaster General

Harassing by US mail is worrisome, intimidating and can cause substantial emotional distress. The term harassment commonly means a persistent course of behavior directed at an individual that is intended to upset or disturb and serves no legitimate purpose other than to alarm, annoy or abuse. Often

Role of Evidence in Criminal Cases

Evidence plays a major role in criminal cases. Without sufficient evidence, a criminal case can get dismissed. In a criminal case, the prosecutor (plaintiff) serves the public and represents the state. The prosecutor has to prove or establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed a

Ensure Protection With Criminal Background Check

When talking about Florida State population, it's about millions of practically nameless residents. You're lucky if you know a handful of people by heart. Knowing a person inside and out is such a blessing you ...

Criminal Records

An overview of criminal records and whether they can ever be cleared.

Hiring a Reputable and Specialized Construction Law Firm

If you are a subcontractor and require help with filing of liens and enforcement of commercial collections, business law, Miller Act / Little Miller Act litigation, and payment bond claim rights, hire a reputable and ...

Get the Best From Columbus Bail Bonds

There are times when people might find themselves in a situation where they or their relative will face a jail term or arrest for being accused of a crime. A person is not guilty unless ...

Run a Background Check on Your Nanny - Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe!

Are you about to hire a nanny to watch your children while you are away from home and you are a little worried? You have to be if you are not personally familiar with the new nanny! There are a lot of nannies who has a criminal record for abusing children and your new nanny can be one of them. You s

Drunk Driving - Criminal Versus Civil Legal Issues

Driving while drunk is a seriously bad maneuver for a host of reasons. You will learn as much if you are involved in an accident while driving drunk. Such an accident will raise the issue ...

Remorse Regret and Sorry – Advice for the Criminal Mind

Love, laws, religions, and every other aspect of the human condition involve the capacity to apologize. "I'm Sorry" combined with remorse, regret and then rehabilitation is crucial to all social interactions. Whether innocent or criminal, ...