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Legal Rights in Canada

Section 10(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms preserves the right of a detained individual to contact counsel immediately upon arrest or detention, and simultaneously imposes a duty upon police to immediately inform individuals that they have this right. The section states that "

Innocent Justice – Rescues sexually abused Children

The Innocent Justice Foundation leverages high technology solutions that can help rescue millions of sexually abused American children and prevent future abuse. We take requests from law enforcement a

Tipping the Scales in Your Favor in a Criminal Case

If you ever have to face criminal charges, it is best to understand how the court case will flow. Understanding some basics about criminal rules of procedure and evidence in your state will help you g

How to Check for Arrest Warrants in New York

If you are charged with a crime or have a history of interaction with the criminal justice system, it is important to make sure you don't miss any court dates and that you complete all the requirements of probation or parole. Failure to do so will often result in a warrant being issued for your arre

Why Hire A Qualified and Experienced Attorney

It is everyone's right to hire the best and the most qualified attorney for any type of legal work or litigation case in order to obtain right judgment or verdict from the judge in court. And it's quite a fact that everyone needs the assistance of an attorney some day for any kind of legal

Laws Relating to Child Custody

When the divorcing couples have children, they need to work out a parenting plan about the custody and visitation of children. If the parents fail to come to an agreement about the custody arrangements, then ...

Role of Criminal Defense Attorney in Cleanwater, Florida

The fundamental right of every person is to be given a fair chance of hearing when charged with any offense. Criminal defense lawyers play a vital role in verifying the crime. Often fear, panic surrounds ...

Pennsylvania State Laws Regarding Employment History & Background Checks

Pennsylvania state laws regarding employment history and background checks have their basis in the Federal Trade Commission's Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). A background check could include verifying someone's employment and educational history, and securing a credit report, driving record, and c

How to File a Motion to Quash

If you have recently received a subpoena, you can draft a motion to quash; if the motion is granted, you will not have to comply with the subpoena. You can easily file the motion to quash in your jurisdiction.

Barristers Chambers in London UK

Barristers chambers is a term used to describe an association of self-employed barristers. These chambers are usually headed by a Queens Chamber or Silk which offers a small degree of influence on its

How Would You Know If Your DUI Rights Have Been Violated? Know The Truth

Most drivers do not even know they have their rights, especially when pulled over for suspicion of DUI. It's a very upsetting scenario and even threatening after being pulled over, right? You might be embarrassed with the situation that you have been accused of committing DUI. So, what should y

Landlords and Checking Criminal Records

If you own a rental establishment, it is extremely important to protect yourself from lackluster tenants who can cause problems rather than pay rent. Not only will you need to trust them to take of the property, they will need to be able to pay rent, as well as their utilities, in a timely fashion.

Why Employers Should Care About Criminal Records

If you are an employer, your task is not limited to finding competent people who can deliver a good job. You are also responsible for hiring people who can maintain harmony in the workplace, socially

Delaware Criminal Reports Free Access Online

Background checks are invaluable means of knowing a person’s true nature. Today, countless employers are making effort in scrutinizing hopeful applicants to make sure they have the right people working for their companies. Knowing an ...

How to Get Legal Aid Help to Expunge a Criminal Record

People seek expungement to clear their criminal records for purposes such as employment or voting or to own a firearm. Expungement regulations and policies vary from state to state, making the process complicated. Federal poverty income provisions make it possible for low-income people to obtain fre

Getting Bail in San Diego

If you are a tourist or a citizen of United States of America (USA) located in San Diego and have been caught in a crime and wanting to get released on bail several questions will ...