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Get My Ex Back - What Can I Do to Save My Marriage?

Generally, a marriage which is failing will tend to struggle at a communication level. This is because the relationship has existed for a prolonged period of time, during which you have been gradually moving further and further apart. It could well be that in their own mind, your ex is mixing up arg

How to Get My Husband Back - Real Life Strategies That Actually Work!

Where on earth do you start? If you are reading this, you are probably in immense pain having gone through one of the most traumatic situations that life can throw at us. Did you realize that most relationships can be salvaged? Couples do get back together all the time...but mainly by accident.What

The Best Way to Deal With a Breakup

Do you really know how to deal with a breakup? Thee tips can really help you out if you are going through this rough time in your life.

How to Get Your Ex Back - Tips to Help

If you have recently gone through a break up and need some help to get your ex back today, then I can help. There is a proper approach and a wrong approach to getting your ex back.

A Breakup: How to Cope With It?

Whether it is you or your partner who has initiated the break in your relationship, the result is the same: a broken heart. Once the relationship is over, dwelling on past events only prolongs your feelings of sadness and attachment. Here are some important aspects of moving forward that will help y

Use Some Common Sense to Get Love Back

Winning back a lost love does not mean bombarding them with messages and phone calls, or hoping they'll show up at their favourite cafe or restaurant. They send flowers and gifts; even wait outside their home for a chance meeting. This is completely the wrong thing to do and merely serves to ma

Don't Miss a Chance to Win Back Lost Love

Have you lost your love because of some major problem you had? You must have often heard that love is blind, and it truly is. You often tend to miss out on a lot of actualities because you are head over heels in love your partner. It is always better to be a little sane and understand the dynamics o

Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Does Dating Again Mean You're Hopeless?

Are thoughts of getting your ex girlfriend back consuming your life and leaving you feeling hopeless because your ex has now started dating? You believe when your ex girlfriend started dating, this means you are no longer in her thoughts or heart? If this is so, then get prepared for some uplifting

How to Get Ex Back - 3 Vital Tips

If you have broken up from a relationship lately, than there is a very good chance that you have asked yourself how to get your ex back.It's only a very natural "question", because we all get used to being inside a relationship, to having someone in our life. And then, when it ends, w

Lanterns for Amberly

During the separation and following the divorce, her father's interest in seeing Amberly or spending time with her diminished, as he focused his attention almost exclusively on the two eldest children. There were nights she crawled into my arms and wept, grieving the loss of her daddy and wonde