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How to Create an SWF Flash File

Creating an SWF Flash file is accomplished using the Adobe Flash application. Flash files indicated by the SWF file extension are compiled Flash files that may contain text, graphics, animations and sound. SWF files are compiled from Flash source files. When an SWF Flash file is created in the Adobe

Why is My Computer So Slow and Stagnant

Are you suffering from a stubborn computer and asking yourself "why is my computer so slow and stagnant?" Well most likely your computer needs some attention. We all tend to believe that all we have to do to our computers on a daily basis is turn them on and they will continue to work rega

How to Save a Copy of Excel to a Drive

You can save a copy of Excel to a drive by copying and pasting it to the drive. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that allows you to enter and manipulate data through a series of mathematical formulas and display the results. Saving a copy of Excel to a drive whether removable or not is a

How to Open a WPD With Windows

When you try to open that WPD document, which was created by Corel WordPerfect, your operating system most likely will not be able to complete the task. The reason is that it's not configured correctly for that kind of document. You can fix that problem easily by changing the extension settings.

How to Import Shockwave Animation Into a PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are useful tools for displaying images and text, but sometimes you might want to show an animation during your speech. Many animations are created in Adobe's Flash program, formerly known as Shockwave Flash. PowerPoint is able to display Flash animations a linked files so th

How to Play a Video From a Flash Drive

Videos on a computer tend to take up a considerable amount of hard drive space, and for a long time it was only possible to transfer videos from one computer to another via CD. But now, transferring videos can be done with flash drives, which are small memory disks that plug into a USB drive. Many o

Why Managers Need Project Management Software?

A building can stand tall only if it has a strong foundation. And a strong foundation requires quality raw materials, hard working labor, proper planning and a dexterous manager.

Discover the Best Video Recording Software Now

Are you planning to invest for new video recording software that will replace your old and nonfunctioning one? Providing yourself with such an amazing device is very beneficial, especially when you want to record all ...


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How to Fix Invalid Class Keys - Fixing Errors Caused by Invalid Class Keys

If you start receiving error messages that require you to fix invalid class keys, then it is time to take action on it and do something to repair the problem. This issue on your system is a result of cluttered registry which affected some settings in your computer that resulted to unfounded file. Ev


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