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How to Convert a DVD to an AVI OS X

No matter which operating system you use, you'll find that DVDs save their movies in the DVD Video Object (VOB) movie format. VOBs typically take up a lot of hard drive space, as they contain uncompressed video data. AVIs also have top-notch video quality and can be played in many multimedia applica

How to Use Microsoft Excel for Statistical Analysis

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that allows you to sort, classify and manage large amounts of data. In addition, Excel can aid you in performing statistical analyses on that data. For example, t-tests, f-tests and z-tests can help you determine how reliable your data is, regressions allow yo

Web Design - Multi-Language

The trend for websites to have multiple language translations has significantly increased in the past few years, so much so that it is almost a must amongst large websites and even becoming so for smaller ones. But why has this happened in the past few years when the internet has spanned the globe f

Web Based ErpSolution For Textile And Garment Industry

Web based erpsolution enables Apparel manufacturers to save lot of time: automatic and effective communication; avoid duplication of work; timely information sharing; constant, instant alerts and reminders before any untoward events resulting in timely completion of work; and customer satisfaction r


Define WML - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Tricks of Managing Classes Effectively

Effortless classroom management seems to be one of the toughest jobs on earth. Teachers have to prepare educational materials and, more importantly, manage the unruly students to maintain a healthy ambiance within the class. Managing a bunch of undisciplined students can become easy, provided you kn

Orange 29

Browse and download 198 seamless pattern textures in PNG format. This "Lil Bits of Bold" collection of seamless patterns by Shelby Kate Schmitz can be used in your projects for backgrounds, pattern fills, textures, and more.

Magento Development Hire A Magento Developer To Gain Edge

Magento is a feature rich solution. The standard version of Magento contains all features required to implement a good ecommerce store. Basics such as the shopping cart, catalog management, search, checkout and administration functions are all included.

How to Make a Word Stationary Template

Microsoft Word has several features you can customize, including templates that represent your personalized stationery. Making your own stationery in Word involves the same operations you'd apply to make a regular document, except for the step of saving the document as a template. Add custom letterh

How to Create an Excel 2007 Chart With Text

Provide detailed information about your Microsoft Excel chart by labeling your chart, axes and data points. You can make your labels represent words or phrases in a cell or create a custom label. Linking your labels to cells lets you update the chart by updating the cell. Custom labels allow you to

Importance of Computer Services In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is best known for its holiday spots, great fashion as well as multi cuisine restaurants. It is also known for the best technical support computer services companies' .Plexus IT, MSP Technologies, Sacatech are ...