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How To Change Windows 2003 Network Security Settings

A configuration established by the Windows 2003 Enhanced Security Settings for your server and for Microsoft Internet Explorer is able to decrease the expose of your server to the possible attacks that can occur through web content and application scripts. Consequently, some websites may not come ou

How to Print a Picture on Multiple Pieces of Paper

When you want to make a long banner or create a large sized poster of an image using a standard home printer, you are limited to 8.5-by-11-inch pieces of paper (sometimes 8.5-by-14). So the solution is to print a portion of the picture on separate pieces of paper and then piece them together like a

Layers of SAP NetWeaver BW

The SAP Business Warehouse has specific layers that are responsible for reliable data exchange and information processing along with well-built analytical capabilities. Based on the capabilities and applications in the software, the different layers in ...

How to Update an Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Reader is a program used to view, read and print files in PDF format. Adobe Reader is freely distributed. When viewing a PDF file using Acrobat Reader, you can see the exact layout of the document. This has an advantage over other formats where the layout changes depending on what software is

Ubuntu Packaging

Ubuntu Packaging Guide: The Ubuntu Packaging Guide

Laptop Keeps Shutting Off - A Quick Solution That Works

Are you wondering why your laptop keeps shutting off? Looking for a quick solution to fix laptop that keeps shutting off? Most common reasons are overheating, loose connections of SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) and problem with RAM.

How to Convert AVI to ISO With a Free Download

The AVI and ISO file-format extensions are used as unique identifiers for digital and streaming video. Both file formats are quite common, but each has a slight difference in playback compatibility. AVI files can be played on computers and uploaded to the Web, but ISO files are made specifically for

How to Use Magnetic Lasso Tool in Photoshop

Photoshop can help you create the perfect photo. With this wonderful piece of software, you can even move part of an image to another image. While there may be several ways to do this, the Magnetic Lasso Tool works with almost any type of photo. With a mouse and a steady hand, you’ll be able

Protect Your DNS Cache Without Signing a Zone

While DNSSEC technology has been specified for over a decade (though the standard was revamped about six years ago), it gained little true interest until mid-2008. With the announcement of the so-call

How to Recover Photos in Art Plus With a Key

ArtPlus Digital Photo Recovery is an application for recovering lost images, music files and videos after you have deleted or formatted them accidentally. The application works even on corrupted memory cards that Windows does not recognize. It can recover JPG, TIF, DNG, Konica-Minolta MRW, CR2, Niko

How to Set Up Office Communicator

Office Communicator is an instant messaging client created by Microsoft. It allows users to share files, make Voice Over IP calls, video conference and have instant message chats. Communicator is available as part of certain versions of the Microsoft Office suite. Once the program is installed on yo


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