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How Far Trustworthy Is Online Pc Repairing?

Someone, like an orthodox or a conservative mind, would not believe us that we can get a technician and get our system repaired even at some odd times. Believe it or not, but this happens, thanks to the introduction of online computer repairing.

Knowledge Base and Knowledge Base Software

A knowledge base is a dynamic database of information. It is used as a tool for knowledge management, for gathering information, segregating the information into appropriate categories, and making it

How to Burn an ISO Image in Windows XP

An ISO image is a replica of a compact disc's contents. Such image is able to store every file for backup purposes, and can be copied into a new blank disc as well. Microsoft Windows XP does not have native support for ISO images. However, various third-party utilities enable you to burn an ISO imag

Remote Desktop Software Connections

In this article we will focus on the ability of mobile workers to connect to their work computers from a secondary location through the use of remote desktop software.

Employee Computer Surveillance Software

Ultimate employee surveillance solution - IMonitor EAM, already was proved more than 50,000 customers in the world. IMonitor computer surveillance software has helped company management or administrat

How to Make an Image With a Watermark in Photoshop

If you ever paid for something with a $20 bill and watched as the cashier held your cash up to a light source, you observed a watermark in action. Watermarks are faint overlays placed on items such as cash to serve as protection against counterfeiting and piracy. This kind of protection isn't relega

High Siera

Define High Siera - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at


Define vile - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Play Sims 2 Games on the Internet

The Sims is a popular video game for your computer and video game consoles. In The Sims, you operate a simulated person, living a regular life. You can build a house, furnish it, and then direct your Sim's life. Your Sim gets a job, gets married, has children, and does regular things like eat, sleep

How to Copy Photos From Websites to Microsoft Word 2002

The Internet is a smorgasbord of images. It is possible to copy some of these images for use in a document created in Microsoft Word 2002. Many website owners restrict the use of their pictures by placing watermarks across them. It is always best to seek permission before using an image.

VBA Code Development

If you work with Microsoft Office applications, then it's a good idea to learn about Visual Basic for Applications on how you can use it to your advantage. VBA is a computer programming language that can be used in Microsoft Office to automate tasks otherwise done manually. While it is not necessary

How Effective is PDF Document For Businesses?

Adobe Systems designed and introduced Portable Document Format in 1993. It is a format that encourages easy sharing of work and ideas with the people through World Wide Web. This computer application also provides security features. A user can protect the content of the documents by encrypting the f

How to Handle Legacy Modernization

At some point or another, your company is going to have to handle legacy modernization. That's because every company relies on all kinds of software to keep them operational. Over time, this software is no ...

How to Run Saved Files on FSX

Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which is often referred to as FSX, allows you to save flights so you can run them again at a later time. The flight simulation software provides two different points at which you can load a saved game: from the main menu, before you start a flight, and while you are in

How to Call PHP Functions With jQuery

The jQuery library provides the ability to asynchronously issue an HTTP POST request, for example to call a PHP function in an external file. To call a PHP function using jQuery, you need to create the PHP function by itself, without a function definition, in an external file that can be referenced