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How to Start a Macro When Opening an Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet application included as part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. This program is capable of analyzing and comparing data, as well as of running such operations as formulas, on data that has been entered into a spreadsheet. A Macro is a function or series of

How to Convert Mp2 Files to WMV Files Online

MP2, or MPEG-2 files, are a standard type of video file that is compatible with most media players and video-editing software. WMV files are Windows Media Video files that are compatible with numerous Windows programs and are generally smaller in size than MPG2s. If you have MP2 files on your comput

How to Restore AutoSave Information in PowerPoint

In the real world, computers crash, viruses attack and users accidentally delete critical files. Microsoft included an AutoSave feature in its Office products. This enables users to recover Word, Excel and PowerPoint files when unforeseen circumstances occur. If you need to restore a PowerPoint file


Define .DIS - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at


Define xtv - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary.

How to Recover All Files on a Micro SD Card

When an SD memory card was not small enough for smaller electronic devices, the microSD memory card was created. When the files stored on the card are erased, only a few programs will recover them. These programs will recover the files for free. In about 30 minutes, all of your files come back to yo

Hire Php Developers To Develop Your Business

Today, PHP development is the booming service offered by many web development companies. For the complete PHP development solution you need to hire PHP developers or PHP programmers. They have all the solutions and ability for PHP web development and for the creation of eye-catching business website

How to Draw 3D Shapes in PPT

Steal a bit of the excitement of 3D from the movies and the latest televisions by rendering your own 3D graphics on the computer screen in Microsoft PowerPoint. Although PowerPoint is not a modeling or graphics software program, it provides all the tools required to create simple shapes with a 3D ap

How to Make Electronic Animated Greeting Cards in Flash

Electronic greeting cards, or eCards, are convenient way to send sentiments from humor to sympathy online. You can distribute them with the many eCard websites. However, many websites that offer licensed material, such as well known cartoons or sports logos, require a membership to access their eCar

Online Computer Support is Just A Click Away

Online computer support services are the services that are provided by many companies to help the customers to resolve different computer issues. Today's is a tech savvy generation and no one wants to waste time ...

How to Convert an MP3 to a Podcast

Basic techniques that are used by professional audio podcast producers will help you discover the process of publishing MP3 files to audio podcast websites. The process basically consists of uploading an MP3 file to a server, and from that server you post the MP3 file to a website or a blog. Or, you

Admission Process In College Management Software

Admission is not a simple process as we think. Most of the time the process was too lengthy and they needed a day extra to complete it. Automating the admission process with software helps to handle this burden.

DLL Errors - Prevent Them Through Registry Cleaning Programs!

These DLL Files are essential components in running Microsoft operating systems. In simple explanation, the appliances inside your house are similar to the work of your operating system. Hence, the pipes-fitting and electric sockets are the DLL files. Once these pipes and sockets are broke, then be

Email Extractor Lite 1.6

Each web advertiser will be pleased to tell how huge their rundown is. will be getting on the off chance that they sent an email fight? Its not the quantity of messages you have in ...

How to Troubleshoot Error 1520 on Partition Magic

Partition Magic is a software program released by Symantec that allows Windows XP and Windows 2000 users to prepare their hard disk for other operating systems, resize their partitions, create new partitions and perform emergency repairs on their drive. When you attempt to use Partition Magic on a h

How to Install Microsoft Embedded Visual Basic Runtime

Microsoft has a large assortment of programs designed to help working professionals hone their craft. Microsoft Visual Studio is there to help software programmers and engineers create their products. There is even a counterpart program used to give these same designers the ability to create progr

Advantages Of Online Backup

Ever since we have been able to store data we have been searching for the perfect way to back it up. In the past data from your hard drive has been backed up on external media such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs and external hard drives. Over the past few years online backup has emerged as a viable option

Hp Envy 15 (winter 2012)

If you are looking for high-end performance packed into a slim design, then the HP Envy 15 the best choice for you.