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Summary and Screen Shots of New Features in Photoshop CS3

Photoshop has long been the industry-leading digital imaging tool for designers, photographers, and artists. But now Photoshop CS3 now comes in a Standard version as well as an Extended version with specialized tools and features for the video, engineering, architecture, manufacturing, science, and

Cheat Codes for 'Mortal Kombat: Unchained' for the PSP

"Mortal Kombat: Unchained" for the PSP is another game in the long-running "Mortal Kombat" franchise. As you can with its predecessors, you can use cheats to enhance your game-playing experience. These cheats will allow you to alter your characters' appearance, use bonus characte

Agiline Online CRM

This article discusses the salient features of Agiline Online CRM and describes each of the features in detail.

How to Create a Txtsetup.oem File

The txtsetup.oem file is used during the installation of operating systems. The purpose of the file is to identify and install drivers that are vital for booting the computer. Since the file is a text file, you can create one by using the basic word processing application on your machine. The file i

How To Fix Security Shield

Security Shield is a fake malicious application that infects your computer system in numerous possible ways. To remove Security Shield you can select antispyware tool and registry cleaner tool for the absolute security of your system.

How to Make Lightning in Photoshop CS2

Photoshop is a wonderful program for creating graphics and all sorts of cool effects. You can use it to create many different atmospheric effects, such as rain or snow. This particular tutorial will show you how to create lightning.

How to Convert .MDB to Filemaker Pro

Microsoft Access and Filemaker Pro are two of the most popular database programs among PC users. However, the .MDB files that Access creates are not compatible with Filemaker Pro. You must export the data from Access into an Excel spreadsheet and then import the Excel file into Filemaker Pro if you

How to Convert Publisher Documents to PDF Files

Microsoft Publisher is a popular productivity application that is the desktop publishing leg of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Focusing on the layout of pages, Publisher may be used in both personal and professional environments to create documents such as pamphlets and newsletters. Because

How to Put Someone Else's Face on My Picture

Family photos don't always turn out perfect. If you have a lot of people in the picture, there is almost always at least one person not smiling or making a funny face. There may also be someone missing, who could not make the photo shoot. Digital photography makes it possible to fix this at home. On

Why is My PC So Slow? - How to Fix Registry Errors and Speed Up Your Computer

Why is my PC so slow? More and more families now have multiple computers in their households. Some individuals even have two or three, including me. I have two at home and one at work. The problem with this is that as the number of computers owned grows, the possibility for malicious software grows

How to Create a Form on Adobe Acrobat X Standard

Adobe Acrobat X Standard is a program that can create and share PDF -- or Portable Document Format -- files. A PDF form is a computer document that users can fill out. You can create a form from a computer file, create a form from scratch, allow users to save data on your form and create a new form

Mobile Application Development and Retail Business

4 or 5 years ago, no one assumed that mobile applications can do such a great job in every field even if it is not related to mobile phones and telecommunication. Time has been changing. ...

How to Make Ringtones Using Windows

There are plenty of software tools that will allow you to make ringtones using Windows. Audacity is an open-source, free audio editor that can create ringtones. The biggest question is what type of mobile phone you use. Different phones take different types of ringtone files, and you may have to con

How to Select Cells as the Print Area in Excel 2003

Microsoft Excel 2003 allows you to print certain areas on your spreadsheet. This allows you to keep extra data or private data on the spreadsheet and then print only what you want your audience to see. Excel will only print the area that you highlight, so if you have data outside the highlighted are

Supply Chain Management - Software-as-a-Service

Each year exporters, importers and supply chain service providers invest millions of dollars and employ thousands of software and hardware technicians hoping to improved supply chain productivity and achieve better supply chain management collaboration. Most companies never realized their supply cha


Define giblib1 - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Text-to-Speech Voice Engines

Text-to-speech software reads any text that you can bring up on your computer screen, on all different types of documents and webpages. Some software will read the text using a natural, non-computerized voice.