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How to Convert WMV to SVCD

Windows Media Video (WMV) files use compression technology, which makes them ideal for use with computer-based media players and programs. They are not, however, ideal for use on other storage mediums, like super video CDs, or SVCDs. If you would like to burn a WMV file to an SVCD disc for use in a

How to Convert a PDF Into Fillable Forms

A PDF, which stands for portable document format, is a cross-platform file that allows sharing of documents between users regardless of operating system. Since PDF is such a widely used format, many online businesses share forms in the PDF format. If you're looking for a way to fill out one of these

How to Connect to MDB Through Visual Basic

Connecting to a Microsoft Office Access database is a common task in Visual Basic and can really save you time when you need to display data from a database. In VB you can use the "OleDbConnection" class to establish a connection to an MDB database. The object represents a unique connection to a da

Default Web Browser Menu

A step-by-step tutorial on how to make Safari 4 the default Web browser in Windows.

The Steps to Fixing Your Slow Computer

Useful tips and tricks to fixing a computer with speed issues. We are living in a high-tech world. Everything digital is expected to go fast shows results in a blink of an eye.

All About Grave Markers

Grave markers, known also as gravestones or headstones, are usually made of granite or bronze. The simplest markers are engraved with a name, birthday and date of death.

How to Find Successful Auto Dialer Software?

As the name suggests the collection predictive dialer system is successful and widely used by collection agencies worldwide, as it has the artificial intelligence to predict and route only those calls that make sense for ...

How to Compress Data in MS Excel

You use your computer to input and store data. When this is a continuous file that accumulates data from month to month, the file can get too large and unwieldy to transmit over regular Internet or Intranet systems. When this happens, you can either spend a great deal of time breaking the file up in

Peachtree Quantum Features

In terms of financial management, Peachtree Quantum is compliant with generally-accepted accounting principles that make accounting behind the screens, internal accounting review, and audit trail repo

How to Apply a Mask in GIMP

In the GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, a mask is like a visual code that uses grayscale values to describe how the effected layer behaves. For example, the black portions of a layer mask will turn the corresponding sections of the layer transparent, while areas that are painted white will r

Security Software for Your Computer

Identity theft and cyber crime is on the rise in today's world. This has become a very common problem today and important business information is being stolen from companies who do not have reliable and efficient protection. This is why it is very important to have an efficient antivirus firewa

Why Is PHP Web Development Getting Valuable?

PHP is indeed the most frequently visited technology in the web for web apps development. It rules the other scripting languages for website development, a leader in the web world. As technology is seeping to ...

How Do I Register Addictive Drums by Xln Audio?

Contemporary music software has made many professional audio recording techniques available to the everyday consumer. Home recording enthusiasts now have professional-quality tools at their disposal, from high-fidelity recording and editing to synthesized instruments -- including digital drum sample

How to Remove the Word 2007 File History

Microsoft Word 2007 offers a list of your most recently accessed documents when you click the top, left "Office" button. This feature allows you to quickly open and continue working on previous projects, but it also allows other users to see what you have worked on or viewed. To prevent this, you ca

Do You Know How To Read QR Codes?

The customers of any company can get details regarding the contact details and its business URL in an interactive way through its QR code.