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How to Pass a Variable to JavaScript

In any programming language, the ability to apply functions to variables is a key component. JavaScript is no exception. In fact, JavaScript makes it easy to pass variables to the appropriate functions from inside an HTML file. If you do a lot of Web development, this can be handy because you can ca

How to Prevent Vertical Scroll

The vast majority of webpages are too big to fit in a user's browser window all at once, so they have a scrollbar that allows those users to view different parts of the document as they finish reading the part on their screen. In some cases, for aesthetic reasons, a web designer may not want the use

How to Enable PHP 5.2.13 UTF8

There are a number of different encoding schemes used to display certain types of written characters on a computer screen. Choosing the proper encoding scheme is critical to the proper display of a website's content, especially when displaying foreign languages and special characters. Using UTF-8 en

Flourish Business With Unique Logo Design

Logo design is the practice of creating unique graphic symbols for representing your business characteristics among your clients and rivals. A unique logo for your company or business can improve your business growth to a ...

Tips to Your Own Website Plannings

As a web designer in london, I have seen many of the clients come with their own plannings for their website development. Hence drafting a website plan is very important as you know your business ...

How to Choose the Best Web Designer for Your Business!

A business strives on the customers, close sales and loyalists it attracts. The recent marketing campaigns of firms around the world focus on the professional image of the business along with advertising about the services ...

How to Create a 5 Column Tableless CSS Website

Creating a workable layout for your website without using tables is usually done with cascading style sheets (or CSS), the "div" element of HTML, and the special "float" style. After some practice, you'll soon discover that creating layouts in this manner, no matter how complicated, is much more fle

How to Use Logical Operators in Java

The logical operators introduce the concept of boolean algebra to the Java language. They're a fundamental part of the language and can make conditional code cleaner and more concise. Programmers usually use logical operators in conjunction with statements that evaluate either true or false.

Affordable Web Development Services-Cheap Yet Exclusive

In today's times, nothing in this world can survive without publicity. Everything needs to be advertised and needs to make its presence felt quite prominently. Only then will it be able to grab some attention. ...

Work At Home - Build Your Own Food & Recipes Website

A lot of people prefer to work from home full time or part time to help add to the income in the family. To have your own business online in any field you will need to make your own website. If making


When building web sites, ASP and PHP are very popular languages. Here's my opinion on whether ASP or PHP is best ASP v. PHP Both ASP and PHP are languages used to build Dynamic Web ...

Hire Flash Developer

Flash, popular authoring software developed by Macromedia, is used to create vector graphics-based animation programs with full-screen navigation interfaces, graphic illustrations, and simple interact

Employing Good Practices

Just as you would for any other form of business, so to with web design you will need to follow a few good practices. When it comes to a website, you will first need to get into the planning stage for