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Drupal Themes and Templates

Collection of Drupal themes for total control of your Drupal site! Easy setup, fast launch, beautiful, fully supported, documented and ready to download instantly. Live preview is available. All from

Top 10 Secrets Of OutrageouslySuccessful Merchandising Owners

Are you fierce to receive a gain? Are you challenged inreaching your next favorable outcome level? Would justdesire toarrive at your necessary deal goals faster? Then "THE Highest 10 SECRETS OF OUTRAGEOUSLY favorable ENTERPRISES" is ...

Conversion Friendly Web Design

It's all very well having the most beautiful website in the world if users don't know what to do when they get there. These days, the cost of traffic to a site has never been ...

What To Look For in a Killer Content Writer

A good content writer can make all the difference in making or breaking the impact your communication has on your target audience and potential customers. While there are many facets to excellent content writing, there ...

Build In Global Variables

Ruby defines a number of built in global variables you may find you need at one point.

Incompatible Types Using Cast Method of Class in Java

Classes are types of data. Casts are used to identify objects retrieved for arrays, lists and collections. Casts can also convert data from one type to another. Class cast exceptions or classcastexception errors are generated by Java Virtual Machine (JVM) when attempting to convert incompatible data

Top Web Design Trends

web design trends which will be huge in 2015. One design trend for websites that has cemented its place is responsive web design. One of the most crucial aspects after establishing your online store i

Mobile Shopping With Groupon Clone Script

The rise of E-commerce has significantly changed the mode of shopping; just around the corner the mobile shopping has started its revolution in the shopping trends. The statistics is not going to prolong the same ...

Web Design

Starting your online business will require you to setup a website or a blog. If you are familiar with webpage design then you can probably do it yourself. If not, you may want to hire ...

How to Read PDFs Using Java & iText API

Thanks to new technologies, you don't have to rely too much on just one application to open the file you are trying to access, such as a PDF file. You can open and read this format using a Java and an iText application programming interface, or API. With iText API, you have the ability to generate a

How to Change the Text Color With HTML

Colored text can be used to create visual impact on a website. You can use colored text to differentiate section headings from the paragraph text, emphasize key words or phrases or just give your website a different color scheme. In HTML, each color has a hexadecimal code that specifies exactly what

Joomla Website Development: Good & Flexible CMS System

Amongst the 50+ Open Source Content Management Systems, popularly known as open source CMS, based on the PHP platform and MySQL Database, Joomla! is one of the most successful and popular CMS systems. Undoubtedly occupying ...