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How to Change the Startup on Vista

After the Windows Vista operating system has been fully installed on your computer, you make many adjustments to the settings. If you want to run more than one operating system on your computer, you can set Windows Vista to be the default operating system that is used when you start your computer. T

How to Defrag XP on Poweruser

Microsoft Windows Disk Defragmenter program requires administrator privileges to run. This is because information on the hard drive is moved around in order to defrag all of the fragmented files on the disk. The system administrator may have specific files located in a particular part of the drive f

How to Reinstall Windows XP After a Crash

Windows XP is one of the most stable operating systems ever created. But like all operating systems, it is possible for it to crash for various reasons. This could be due to a virus, excessive "spyware" type programs or another software problem. Often, when problems on a computer are stacking up and

How to Stop Vista Updates From Prompting Language Packs

Microsoft Windows Vista contains an auto-update feature that keeps your system up-to-date with important software updates. However, along with essential updates, Windows Vista's updater looks for optional updates. Windows Vista prompts you to download several optional language packs, suitable for mu

How to Hide the Top Part of IE

Part of the Internet Explorer browser is dedicated to its upper frame, which hides some of the information that appears on a webpage. The missing information can be a nuisance, especially for people who play games on the Internet. There is a simple remedy for the information-blocking frame. It's cal

How to Recover a System File

System files are files on the computer that store important information about the operating system and the hardware on your machine. Recovering these files is necessary after malware, hardware failure, or user error results in file corruption, rendering your system unstable. Accomplish this through

How to Calculate Dots Per Inch

Dots per inch (dpi) is the resolution of an image. Higher dpi generally denotes a higher resolution, or better image clarity. When you print an image, you can generally select a dpi to use, which corresponds to the resolution and/or size you want. If you know the size you would like the printout to

How to Enable Remote Assistance in the Registry With WSH

Windows Script Hosting (WSH) files are Visual Basic files used to automate processes and computer configurations on Windows machines. The files are run each time the user logs into the network. Remote Assistance (formerly named Remote Desktop) is an application available on each Windows user machine

How to Prevent Windows From Blocking a Chkdsk

The Windows operating system can automatically check a hard drive for errors using the Chkdsk tool. This tool has the ability to verify and repair many hard drive errors and thus should be run on a regular basis. However, some users might have accidentally or intentionally turned off this tool. You

How to Remove W32.Scrapkut

W32.Scrapkut is a computer spread through the Orkut social network. Systems are infected when a user clicks on a comment in the user's scrapbook. The user will be prompted to download a fake plug-in. The download is actually the worm. Once a system is infected, the W32.Scrapkut worm will attempt to

How to Create Windows XP Setup CD

Creating a Windows XP Setup CD involves burning all Windows XP installation files to disk and making the CD bootable (so that the computer can load from the CD instead of from the hard drive). Although this procedure may seem lengthy, creating a XP Setup disk will be useful as a backup copy in case

How to Get a Product Key for Microsoft 2007

A Microsoft Office 2007 product key is included on a slip of paper inside the jewel case of every installation disc, or on a label adhered to jacket of the software. When you installed the software onto your computer for the first time, you were required to enter this key as part of the setup utilit

What Is the Difference Between Quick Restore & a Recover CD?

Most computers that are bought from store shelves today lack an operating system disk. The computer manufacturers leave you two different options in the event that something goes wrong with your computer. You can either create and use a recovery CD or do a quick restore from a restore point saved on

How to Troubleshoot Windows Media Center That Stops Recording

Windows Media Center allows its users to watch and record live TV, but like any software program, it's susceptible to problems. There are a number of issues that can cause the recording feature to cut out in the middle of a program. While this can be frustrating, these issues have easily-discoverabl

How to Label File Folders

The Windows Operating System allows you to create file folders to store various computer files. If you have different files that are used for a specific purpose, you can store them together in one folder. If you want to label a file folder, you can do that as well.

How to Set an Alarm on Vista

Losing track of time and neglecting tasks as a result is easy to do when working at the computer for a long time. Some people fix the problem by setting an alarm clock, which help them to stay on track while doing computer work. Users can eliminate the need to use a conventional alarm clock or the a

Basement Window Wells Installation

Basement window wells keep soil away from foundation windows and block water while permitting light into the basement. Find out your local building codes regarding basement windows and the installation of window wells. A permit usually is required for construction.

How to Remove a Genuine Advantage Toolbar

The Windows Genuine Advantage notifications open each time your Windows XP computer connects to the Internet to authenticate your installation. This slows down your system. Though Microsoft offers no obvious way to stop this toolbar from opening, you can uninstall earlier versions of the notificatio

How to Select an Appropriate Database Program for Genealogy

Like most database software, genealogy programs vary between manufacturers. Some create simple family trees and lists, while others store graphics and videos or compile reports and books for publication. Some programs connect to online databases for research and sharing information and some write we