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How to Troubleshoot a Computer That is Slow to Shut Down on Vista

While lack of sufficient RAM can significantly slow Windows Vista, as well as its start-up and shut-down, certain applications, drivers or registry settings can also prolong the shut-down process as well. If you do not close all open applications before attempting to log off Windows Vista, some prog

How to Use GetDataBack

GetDataBack is a software package that allows you to recover files that have been deleted or that are on an unreadable or damaged hard drive or thumb drive. The program uses advanced techniques to scan your drive for any and all data and helps you retrieve it once the scan is complete. GetDataBack i

How to Downgrade to XP on HP Pavilion

Even though it is nearly a decade old, many PC enthusiasts still swear by the Windows XP operating system over Windows Vista or even Windows 7. Downgrading from one of the later systems to Windows XP on your HP Pavilion--desktop or laptop--is not an easy process, but with a little know-how and some

How to Surface Mount Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters can add value and curb-appeal to your home, at little cost and effort. Shutters are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, in wood, fiberglass, composite, aluminum and vinyl. If you're comfortable on an extension ladder with a drill or hammer, you should be able to mount tw

How to Remove Advanced Windows Care 3

Windows Advanced SystemCare is a system maintenance utility that helps you remove unneeded files from the computer, defragment the hard drive and perform other optimizations. After trying Advanced SystemCare, you may decide that you prefer your previous utility software, or that you would rather try

How to Remove a Windows XP Search

Windows XP saves every search query entered into your Internet Explorer search bar. These queries can be erased through options provided in the Windows "Internet Properties" box. Windows XP also keeps a record of your Windows Search Companion searches. The only way to remove these searches is throu

How to Write Keyboard & Mouse Macros

Using a computer sometimes means boring and repetitive. Whether you just open the same file in the same program every day or are a graphic designer who uses the zoom in and out functions hundreds of times a day, macros can be useful for you. Macros are shortcuts to specific computer actions that are

How to Enable ActiveX on Windows 98

Microsoft Windows 98 allows you to easily enable ActiveX controls on your Windows 98 based computer. ActiveX controls are small independent programs designed to do specific tasks over the Internet such as collect data from the user and display computer animations. When required, ActiveX controls are

How to Install a Ruby VeriFone

The Ruby VeriFone is a point-of-sale terminal that can be connected to computer operating systems for back-office purposes. When an employee takes a customer's order on the Ruby VeriFone, the information entered is stored and used to measure sales and control inventory. Ruby VeriFone is often used b

How to Wipe a Cisco Catalyst 2621

The Cisco 2621 is a router that features two 10/100 Ethernet ports. It was released in May of 2002 and discontinued in 2003. The 2621 series router also has two integrated WAN interface cards and can send up to 26,000 packets per second. If you need to wipe, or reset, your router to its default sett

How to Stop Auto Recovery in IE for Windows 7

The Automatic Crash Recovery feature from Internet Explorer, a web browser from Microsoft Corporation, saves your browsing session when a software crash occurs. Automatic Crash Recovery does not send your data to Microsoft, but uses your web browsing history to restore your browsing session after a

Top PC System Utilities

Without proper system maintenance your personal computer may begin to run slow, get sluggish or stop working. Using the best system utilities to manage the operating system and optimize performance lets you avoid those hair-pulling worries. These utility programs let you edit and...

How to Upgrade Geocoding

In the world of real estate, "Location! Location! Location!" is a popular slogan. Nowadays, location is just as important for businesses, banks, insurance companies and government agencies. It's so important that they are using geocoding software for making key decisions. Geocoding software matches

How to Make a Bootsplash for Puppy

Puppy Linux is a lightweight Linux distribution designed to be fast and easy to use. As with many other popular Linux Distributions, Puppy Linux uses GRUB as the primary bootloader. GRUB gives you the ability to change the bootsplash screen so that you can put any picture in the background while the

How to Remove a Hotfix in XP

When Microsoft Windows Update downloads a certain hotfix on your computer, it stores the installation in the program repository on your control panel so you may remove it if you choose. Within the menu, you may choose to remove an installed update by clearing the check box in the Windows components

How to Check if Windows Validation Is Genuine

If you have not validated your copy of Windows, do so by going to Microsoft's website. It is important to validate Windows so you can download Windows updates and know you aren't running a pirated version of Windows on your computer. Spend a few minutes going through the validation process to confir

How to Make a Timeline in Windows

If you are a teacher and would like to show your students a sequence of events over time, consider making a timeline on your computer. Your timeline can tell a story or show how something has progressed. Timelines also make it easy to see trends. Windows software, such as Microsoft Office components

How to Stop SQL Mail

Microsoft SQL Server is a database application used on small to large networks to store data. One option in the SQL Server software is the ability to send mail. This service is called "SQL Mail." You can stop and start this service on the server to allow stored procedure to send automated emails to

Installation of an Egress Window

The difference between a recreational basement and a finished basement is the installation of an egress window. Egress windows offer a quick exit from the basement in case of an emergency, such as a fire. Each state has its own egress window installation code, so check with your local municipality.

How to Install Reason Without Inserting the CD

Although the full version of Propellerhead's Reason requires inserting the discs for the installation and soundbank files, you can install the demo version by downloading it from their website and running it directly from your hard drive. Reason is an all inclusive virtual studio that allows you to