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How to Repair Windows XP SFV

Repairing your Windows XP computer is necessary after your computer has suffered damage from malware, erasure of operating system files, or files corruption stemming from hardware failure. The SFV (simple file verification) files on the Windows XP disc enable your computer to verify and validate the

How to Erase the Serial Key for Windows Vista

The Windows Vista serial key is a unique alphanumeric license identifier Microsoft uses to verify your legal ownership of the Windows Vista operating system. In most cases, the serial key is for a single user license, which allows you to install and use the operating system on only one computer. If

How to Install Bluetooth USB Bungle

A USB bluetooth bungle or dongle is a small wireless device that plugs into a USB port on a computer and enables a bluetooth connection to be configured on a computer that does not have bluetooth capabilities already installed. This is useful for older computers or basic computers that do not have t

How to Check the BIOS Version in Windows XP

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is a firmware program incorporated into a computer motherboard. BIOS allows a user to control and configure hardware, for example hard drives, peripheral devices or a video card. The BIOS version is important if you plan on updating your motherboard firmware. The upd

How to Find Keyboard Drivers for Simple Perfections Keyboards

Every hardware device installed on your PC needs files, called drivers, that allow the device to communicate with the other components of the machine. The Simple Perfections keyboard will function at its best with the latest drivers. Frequently drivers need an update when adding a new hardware devic

Problems With PaperPort Software

Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty ImagesThe PaperPort software is produced by Nuance. It works with a user's existing scanning equipment to make PDF or JPG documents that can then be viewed in more than 100 types of image viewing software. The software indexes the scanned pages in a way that...

How Do I Get the Search Button Back in the Start Menu?

If you've ever let someone play around with your computer, you know it can be a bit nerve-wracking. The computer never seems to be quite as pristine as it was before you let someone else touch it. Files are misplaced, default Web pages are changed, and sometimes, basic Windows functions are missing.

How to Get the Griseous Orb in Heart Gold

The Griseous Orb is an item found in the game Pokemon Heart Gold. It is a high-level item used to control an enemy's Pokemon for a single turn, and it requires a character be at least level 50. The orb can only be used once per battle and consumes 25 MP.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Windows 2000 Professional

Windows 2000 is installed on older desktop computer reflection image by scalesy from Fotolia.comWindows 2000 is an older operating system still used in some small and large offices. Windows 2000 professional is the operating system edition used on client machines. Even...

Student Contests from Best Buy

Students, keep an eye out for contests from retailers. For example, here are two from Best Buy: the College Innovator Fund and Dorm Room Wish List contests.

How to Remove Icon Boxes

Windows at times places boxes around icons, creating an annoying view of your desktop and background. To get rid of the boxes, which are actually shadows of the icons, you need to get into your system settings and make a small adjustment. The process takes about five minutes to complete.

How to Cancel an iMesh Subscription

iMesh is a music service that gives you access to streaming music and also allows you to download select music to computers and digital music players. For some features you may have a paid account, which means iMesh bills you monthly for access to their services. If you no longer wish to use iMesh,

How to Restore the Search Companion in Windows Explorer

The Search Companion in Windows Explorer is a core feature in the Windows operating system that allows you to perform a search directly from Windows Explorer as opposed to from a separate search menu. This feature can become corrupted due to user error, viruses or other system problems, which means

How to Boot MSI U100 in Safe Mode

When you boot your MSI U100 netbook in Safe Mode, it loads only the device drivers and software necessary for Windows XP to run. This can help you troubleshoot problems such as device driver and software installation issues that cause Windows to stop functioning normally. After booting the computer

Free Help With Windows Vista and Email Conflicts

Windows Vista Mail, or Windows Mail as it has been rechristened, is very much like the Microsoft Outlook Express which accompanied Windows XP. Like Outlook Express, Windows Mail has problems working with some email clients. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to get help with Windows Vista email

How to Make a Database From Windows Explorer

When a new Microsoft Office application is installed to the Windows 7 operating system, the user then has the ability to quickly create a new Office document in any part of the computer's storage devices, such as the hard drive and USB pen drive. This saves the time it requires to manually open an O

How to Create a VB6 DLL Server Form Event in Process

A Visual Basic 6 (VB6) server form event is added to the Windows processes using the "sc.exe" utility. You add a server form event when you want to create a process that runs on your Windows server computer. Windows server events run for client services such as a customized program you create for de

How to Remove Shutdown From the Start Menu

Windows operating systems make it easy for users to shut the computer down through the menu of the "Start" button. The Shutdown option automatically takes the computer through the shutdown process, allowing users to turn off the computer down without having to sit through the entire shutdown process

How to Change the Windows 7 Task Bar

Windows 7 contains a new type of task bar that functions differently than the taskbar in previous versions of Windows. Instead of showing each open window on the taskbar along with the window's name on the taskbar, Windows 7 groups windows by application and only shows their icons, not their names.