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How to Replace a Window Ledge

Window ledges take a great deal of damage on a house. When it rains, water settles on them. When it snows, the snow rests on them for days at a time. And when it's hot and sunny, the sun beats down on them and the wood, ultimately, begins to break down. Replacing window ledges can not only improve a

How to Download & Install Windows Vista

You can legally download and install a fresh copy of Windows Vista provided you possess a license (CD key) to use the product. This is possible by downloading an ISO image of the Vista DVD via torrent, copying it to a DVD and performing the installation procedure. This will take between one hour and

What Is the Setup.Exe File?

A setup.exe file is an application that installs a piece of computer software on a PC.The extension ".exe" means that the application is an executable file, containing code to communicate directly with a computer's central processing unit. When you open a setup.exe file, the application

About Vinyl Clad Windows

Vinyl clad windows were first developed in 1966 by manufacturer Andersen Windows. They became an immediate hit, offering high efficiency and low maintenance. Today, vinyl clad windows are made by numerous manufacturers. They can be used in new construction or as replacement windows in existing build

How to Add Files to an Existing ZIP Archive in Windows Vista

ZIP archives compress files so they can take up less space and to make them simpler to transfer. Using Windows Vista, you can add files to ZIP archives as needed. The process is similar to adding a file to any Windows file folder.

How to Make My Own Hi5

Hi5 is a social networking website where users can connect, play games and share fun stuff with one another. Before you can become active on Hi5, you will have to sign up for a free account on the website. Account registration is simple and should not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

How to Repair Windows XP OS

In addition to providing you with the ability to install the Windows XP OS, the Windows XP installation CD also gives you the ability to repair a currently installed operating system. This repair process replaces all of the Windows files and drivers on your computer with fresh ones straight from the

How to Upgrade Windows ME to XP NTLDR

The NTLDR is the boot loader program that comes included with Windows XP. Upgrading your existing Windows ME system to XP will naturally include the NTLDR bootloader utility, allowing you to boot your computer into an operating system as it starts. Perform this fairly mundane task through the upgrad

How to Upgrade Windows 98SE to Windows XP Pentium MMX

Upgrading your Pentium MMX computer from Windows98SE to Windows XP will enable you to experience the additional security features embedded in the Windows XP operating system, such as Windows Firewall. The upgrade process can be accomplished in around 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the speed of your

How to Remove the Iexplore.Exe System in Task Manager

IExplore.exe is the program on your computer that represents the Internet Explorer Web browser. When Internet Explorer is running, the "IExplore.exe" process will appear in the Windows Task Manager. If you close this process out of the Windows Task Manager, Internet Explorer will shut down. Save any

How to Install Microsoft DirectX to a PC

Microsoft DirectX is an API bundle (Application Programming Interface) that helps your computer run graphics and video programs. DirectX is traditionally used in conjunction with video game releases because it directly improves the visual performance of the games by making them smoother, sharper and

How to Modify Windows XP With a CD

Windows XP installs most of its main components when first placing the operating system on the hard drive, but it also keeps a number of extra programs in reserve. Modify your XP installation from the files on the CD when you need to install one of the optional extra XP programs. This procedure gene

How to Remove the Registry Keys for McAfee

When McAfee is uninstalled from your computer, residual traces of the program may still exist on in your computer's registry. You can remove the McAfee keys from your registry by locating them with the Registry Editor and then deleting them.

How to Take a Window Out of a Brick House

When it's time to replace your windows in your brick home, you must remove the old ones first. While it may seem challenging, it's a realistic DIY project. The important thing is to take your time and remove the window carefully to avoid damaging your home. It may be necessary to have a helper assis

What Is Hyper Memory on a Graphics Card?

HyperMemory is a technology created by ATI and used in some of their graphics cards. The technology is designed to enhance the video memory available to your graphics card, boosting the graphical performance of your video card.

How to Uninstall Windows XP If the UserEnv File Is Corrupt

Removing Windows XP from your computer can be necessary when you wish to install a different operating system or when you simply want to forgo adherence to the Microsoft brand altogether. The only methods for removing XP from your computer are formatting the drive or reinstalling another operating s

How to Put a Password on a Zipped Folder in Windows Vista

A zipped file folder is one that can contain one or several files in a compressed format. If you wish to protect a zipped file folder from unauthorized access, you can change the permissions of the folder so that the system requires any user that you deny file access from to enter a Windows administ

How to Fix Windows Explorer XP

Windows Explorer is the program that allows you to navigate files and folders in the Windows operating system. Every once in a while, other programs can cause Windows Explorer to crash. Knowing how to fix it without restarting the system is a valuable skill, as being forced to restart your system ca

How to Install a Video Decoder in Media Center

The video decoders, or codecs, in Windows Media Center allow the media player to open a variety of video file formats. Though numerous codecs install with Media Center upon its initial installation, not every codec you need may be included. For instance, codecs that allow you to play MPEG-2 files, t

How to Disable Event Viewer

The Event Viewer is an application in the Microsoft Windows operating system. It maintains event logs on everything that is happening in the system. The Event Viewer separates the events into sections, such as "System" and "Security." If Windows encounters a security breach or an application failure