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How to Reinstall Chess Titans on Vista Ultimate 64

"Chess Titans" is a chess-centric computer video game that comes pre-installed on the Windows Vista Ultimate Edition 64-bit operating system. If you've removed Chess Titans from your computer and regret that decision, don't worry. Chess Titans is considered a "Windows feature," which means that if y

How to Fix Vista Media Center Codecs

If you've got a fresh copy of Windows Vista and have been trying out the Windows Media Center application, your enthusiasm may have quickly wained as you realized the program does not properly play back your video files. There are many different types of video files, all requiring the proper codec (

How to Move the Taskbar From the Right Side to the Bottom

The Windows Taskbar can be docked on any side of the monitor (left, right, top and bottom) for ease of use or personal preferences. If you want to change the positioning of the Taskbar from the right side of the Desktop to the bottom, you can do so with a few short steps.

Five Ways to Curb Confusion About a Windows Upgrade

Windows operating systems are continually updated and changed as newer and better technology is created. This means that home consumers are left with the decision of whether or not to upgrade. Upgrading to a newer operating system ensures you will have access to more applications and...

How to Repair a Non-Booting Windows XP Disk

The hard disk in a Windows XP computer is designed to boot as the computer loads. During the boot process, operating system files are copied from their original locations on the hard disk to system RAM. Repairing a non-booting hard disk on an XP system is necessary when the boot information on the d

Troubleshooting Sound Problems in Windows Vista

Any Sound?The first step in troubleshooting Windows Vista sound problems is to determine whether there is any sound at all. If there's not, check to make sure the speakers are turned on. If you're using external speakers, turn the volume up as it may be too low to be audible. Check the...

How Do I Check Manually for Updates on Vista?

Windows Vista is a Windows-based operating system (OS) from Microsoft that offers Windows users a rich graphical user interface (GUI). Like most if not all versions of the Windows OS, Windows Vista prompts users to make various software updates on their personal computers (PCs) as released by Micros

How to Speed Up Windows XP Through Defragmentation

Over the life cycle of a computer, the files on its hard drive(s) may well become fragmented: different parts of a given file may end up stored in physically different parts of the disk, meaning that the disk heads must constantly move back and forth across the disk's surface to read a file. This in

The Update for Windows XP KB898461 Will Not Install

The Microsoft Update labeled "KB898461" is one of those Windows updates that should be handled by the Windows XP Automatic Update service, but many users have found that while the the update service does start the download and installation, it does not finish it. This is especially ironic

How to Launch Your Browser

During the 1990s, the Internet saw a rise in popularity that has since grown into a daily part of our lives. When you want to use the Internet, you use a Web browser to access it. These computer programs decipher the digital signals into a visual presentation that's much easier to comprehend. Micros

How to Uninstall Windows XP Remotely

Remotely installing Windows XP onto your computer allows you to access your computer on the Internet using someone else's computer. Though this feature can come in handy if you travel for business or are always on the go, you may one day want to uninstall Windows XP remotely. Uninstalling Windows XP

The Best Registry Cleaning

Your computer's hard drive is an active, busy device. New programs are occasionally installed, while old ones that are no longer needed are removed, word processing documents are created and edited, checkbook entries are recorded, names and addresses are added to databases and the list goes on. Hand

Trouble Installing Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack

When installing Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 on the system you might experience errors. This usually happens because of an error 1603 or from a corrupted download. To correct these errors, first remove the currently installed version of the Microsoft .NET Framework and re

How to Activate Windows by Phone on Windows XP

A user must activate a copy of Windows XP to use it. The activation process is to ensure that the user's copy of XP does not (or has not) exceeded the number of installations allowed under the User License Agreement. There are several methods of activating XP, including the Internet. If a user does

How to Turn the Monitor Side Ways With the Keyboard

If you have to look at a picture from another angle, or just want to show off a cool trick to your friends, you can easily rotate your screen within your monitor. In Windows, you can use a keyboard command to do this, and with a Mac you can rotate the screen on an external monitor in the Display set

AutoTest - A LINQ to XML Example Program

Microsoft's LINQ technology combined with XML can revolutionize the way you program, but it's difficult to make the transition from more traditional ways of programming to LINQ. Moving to XML can be a challenge too. A reader asked for help programming a system to generate random test quest

How to Fix XP Without the Disc

Windows XP contains a built-in repair feature that is utilized by inserting the Windows XP installation CD into the computer and following certain instructions. This repair feature will overwrite all of the existing operating system files on your computer, fixing any problems with your current XP in

How to Create an XSD From an XML File

Extensible Markup Language (XML) provides a foundation for data standards. XML allows Web developers to lay out data on a page using its record sets. An XML schema (XSD) provides the layout and description for each record in the XML file. When creating a Windows XML file, your editor provides you wi

How to Turn Off Hotkeys in Windows 7

Windows 7 was released in 2009 and as of 2011, is the latest available Windows operating system from Microsoft. Most Windows equipped PCs feature a key on the Keyboard with the Windows logo emblazoned upon it. This key can be used to open the Start menu, but when used as a hotkey in conjunction with

How to Uninstall Sticky Keys in Windows XP

Windows XP offers a number of accessibility options for users who need them, such as a magnifying glass for users who have trouble reading things on the screen. Another option, the Sticky Keys function helps users who have trouble holding down multiple keys at once. Whether Sticky Keys have been ena