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How to Manually Run Task Manager

Task Manager is a feature of Microsoft Windows that lets you see what processes and services are running on your computer. You can also view the network, CPU and RAM usage by those processes and services. There are a few ways to start Task Manager, but the most fundamental way to do so is through th

How to Get a New Install CD for Windows XP

If you have lost or damaged a Windows XP installation CD, you will need to replace it to perform emergency repairs and re-installations of the operating system. You will not have to pay the entire licensing fee again providing that you have a valid proof of purchase for Windows XP. Microsoft has a t

How to Uninstall an XP Update in Registry

A computer's registry is the place where all variables related to your installed software are kept, including information about your operating system updates. Uninstalling an update will remove its corresponding information from the registry, leaving your computer as it was before the update downloa

How to Remove Error Doctor

Error Doctor is spyware that will harm and slow down your PC. Error Doctor claims to be an anti-spyware program, but it hurts your computer rather than helping. Once installed, it also repeatedly prompts you to purchase the full version, which can be quite distracting and frustrating. It should prom

How to View Windows Updates Before Installing

Windows 7 distributes its updates through the Windows Update utility that is built into the operating system. Opening Windows Update gives you easy access to a library of security, stability and driver updates that are used to keep your system running the latest fixes and enhancements for Windows 7.

Not Enough Virtual Memory When Installing Windows

When installing a new version of Windows, it is important to have enough virtual memory available. During the install process, which is also known as the upgrade process, the Windows operating system uses much of the computer's memory resources. If it finds that the virtual memory is depleted, the u

How to Detect Remote Access Users in Windows XP

If you have the Remote Desktop service enabled on your Windows XP Pro computer, you may use the service to connect to your computer remotely, such as from a work computer, controlling programs as if you were at the computer. This feature is protected by a password that you define. However, if you ar

How to Fix an XP That Keeps Erasing My LE8

Pro Tools LE8 is a program that allows people to record music on their computers. If your Windows XP operating system keeps deleting the LE8 software from your system, you probably have conflicting system files on the system. When you have conflicting system files, some may be out-of-date whereas ot

How to Make the Browsers on My Mac Run Faster

Macintosh browsers, including the native Safari or popular Firefox programs, can slow down at times. This makes it difficult to complete tasks at a regular pace, as pages and applications may freeze or load in double the time they should. This is a product of the DNS, or Domain Name Server, that has

How to Get Rid of Zango

Zango is a program that allows its users free access to games, music and other downloads. It is also a threat to your computer. Zango is a type of spyware that has a self-installing toolbar and also downloads and saves harmful files to your computer. Zango may be difficult to remove like other spywa

How to Change Start-Up in Msconfig

When your computer powers up, a number of programs automatically launch. These programs were designated as "Start-up" programs in your system configuration. Most of your start-up programs are essential programs such as your anti-virus software. Sometimes a software installation automatically designa

How Do I Kill Mediacataloger With My XP?

Mediacataloger.exe is an executable file associated with Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. The MediaCataloger indexes and categorizes every image or media file, not just in Corel Paint Shop but on your entire hard drive. This can lead to massive slowdowns on your computer, as well as a lot of memory co

My Windows XP Screen Is a Little Blurry

A fuzzy screen can be distracting or even worse -- it can strain your eyes. A blurry screen in Windows XP can usually be fixed by adjusting the resolution on your computer. However, if it's just text that's blurry then you may find an improvement by turning on Microsoft's ClearType. ClearType improv

How to Calculate a Percent in VBScript

VBScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft modeled after the Visual Basic libraries. The language handles variables in a data type known as a variant. A variant can be a byte, boolean, currency, date, integer, object, string or null value. VBScript supports the normal mathematical ope

The Compatibility of Mystery Case Files Huntsville for Vista

Big Fish Games' Mystery Case Files series of games tasks players with finding objects hidden in complex scenes. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville includes more than 15 crimes for players to solve across more than 20 locations, and it is fully compatible with Windows Vista.

How to Ping a Server Behind a Cisco Firewall

By default, a Cisco firewall will allow all internal computers to ping out of the firewall, but will deny any outside computers to ping in. The ping command is controlled by Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). Opening ICMP to outside users is considered only a minor security risk. At the absol

How to Cancel Chkdsk in XP

Windows XP includes the "Chkdsk" (short for Check Disk) utility, which can scan a hard drive for errors and repair common problems in some cases. However, for the utility to work properly, the application must have exclusive access to the drive. Therefore, when other applications are running, the ut

How to Increase Mic Volume

When your mic is too low, it can be difficult for you to communicate with friends or family through Internet phone, or to create listenable videos and recordings on your computer. Thankfully, in both Windows and Mac operating systems, it is simple to use adjust the settings for your microphone and m

How to Install Windows XP From a Hard Drive

Many people try to find out how to install Windows XP from a hard drive, only to be told it's a waste of their time or they don't need to do it that way. There are certainly reasons why you would want to install XP from a hard drive: Perhaps your Windows CD is broken, or you just can't get your CD-R