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How to Make Chords in Anvil Studio

The Anvil Studio music creation program uses a staff-style interface and an on-screen virtual piano keyboard to enter notes into the program. Enabling the program's chord mode allows you to input notes so that they play simultaneously, rather than consecutively. Once you've made a chord in Anvil Stu

How to Convert USB Drive to NTFS

Until a USB drive is formatted, it cannot be used to write or retrieve data. The formatting process installs a file system that will organize your data and make it easy for your computer to access. The NTFS file system is the preferred file system for the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system

How to Connect a PC to a TV Wireless Monitor

It is useful to connect your PC to a TV when you want to watch videos or other media on a screen larger than your monitor. The downside to this, however, is that you have to physically move the computer near the TV to hook up all the wires. Instead, you can use a PC to TV wireless adapter and rece

Differences Between Digital Connectors and VGA

VGA is an older technology for lower resolutions while DVI is newer and for higher card image by TEA from Fotolia.comDVI stands for Digital Visual Interface, which is a connection found on computers, televisions, blu-ray DVD players and some satellite/cable box...

Dell Optiplex Gx1 Information

Dell introduced the OptiPlex GX1 desktop computer in 1999. The OptiPlex line has historically been marketed toward government, education and corporate markets. Dell offered the OptiPlex GX1 in four different form factors including low-profile, midsize, mini tower and small form factor. Each form fac

How to Reset the CMOS for a Latitude D630

The Dell Latitude D630 laptop computer uses a memory chip, the Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS), to store hardware configuration information, such as the power-on password that prevents others from using the computer and accessing sensitive information. A coin-cell battery inside the c

How Do I Troubleshoot the RAM & Motherboard on an Inspiron CPU?

Your Inspiron computer comes with RAM attached to its DIMM slots on the motherboard. The case has a hybrid design that stands up or lies down according to user preference. Your computer problems might begin in the motherboard and memory if your computer's power supply works correctly but still does

How to Ping Linkbacks

One of the easiest methods of improving your ranking in search engines is by increasing the number of quality links pointing to your website from other places. The more links to you that search engines can find on relevant websites, the better they will rate you in their listings. This makes it impo

How to Troubleshoot a Dell Photo 924 Flash-Toner Printer

The Dell Photo 924 printer normally prints on pages with both black and colored ink as they pass through the printer. Errors may occur during your operation of the printer, resulting in problems with the printer's ability to operate correctly or at all. Rather than rushing the printer to a repair sh

How to Repair a Cruzer Micro

The Cruzer Micro USB drive is smaller than the average USB drive, which makes it ideal for people that will carry the drive with them at all times. To repair a Cruzer Micro USB drive, you must format it. Formatting the drive will erase any viruses or errors that are on it.

How to Burn DVDs From Downloads

Windows comes with a built-in DVD burning software you can use to create DVDs from your downloads, if you do not already use a third-party DVD burning program. The downloaded files are burned on to the disc as data files and you can take the disc to other computers to read it. The Windows DVD burnin

The Portable Card Printer

Identification cards have become a major part of our daily lives. We use them for so many things. Our driver's license is a form of ID card. We use ID cards at work so that management and security can ensure that everyone is who they say they are.

How to Pull Data Out of System Restore Files

The Backup and Restore Center is a feature of Windows (Windows 7 and Vista) that allows the user to create an entire image of their hard drive for backup purposes. If you've accidentally deleted a file, you can grab a copy of it from the backed up file or you can restore your entire hard drive, if e

I Cannot Connect to a Wireless Router With a WiFi Card

Most wireless Internet cards hook directly into the expansion-card slot on your computer system. When the hardware is hooked up completely, you should have no trouble accessing a WiFi network. If, however, the computer still fails to access the Internet, you must troubleshoot the device to determine

How to Get a Wireless Adapter to Work With Pendrive Linux

The Linux operating system is freely available to download, install and develop upon by anyone. There are several options for running or installing Linux, from loading a live version from a CD or completely installing it from a USB pen drive or a CD. There are a number of comprehensive versions of L

How to Execute a Dell PC Restore

The Dell PC uses a Microsoft Windows operating system to perform tasks. When your Dell PC is getting slower or you find it freezing on you a lot, you could be experiencing a computer virus on your system. The best way to combat a virus is to use the system restore feature through the safe mode on yo

Computer Cleaning Solution

When dust and dirt accumulate on your computer, over time your keyboard may stick, and your monitor may become hard to view. Furthermore, this accumulation may cause the interior components of your computer to overheat, which can result in hardware failure. Regular cleaning of your computer helps ke