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How to Use a TV as a Monitor in Windows XP

As CRT monitors faded out of use, energy-efficient and slim Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD, monitors became the new standard in computer and TV technology due to their energy efficiency and sleek designs. One of the nice features of LCD TVs is the many types of inputs and connection options, which a

The Composition of the Dual-Core Processor

A dual-core processor is a single central processing unit (CPU) that contains two processors. This is not to be confused with dual processors, which are two separate CPUs running on the same computer.

How to Reinstall a Dell Dimension 4600

Manufactured by Dell Corp., the Dimension 4600 is a mid-level desktop personal computer. If you have taken your 4600 down and now wish to reinstall the computer, the process mirrors the original installation. Reinstalling your Dell Dimension 4600 will take only a few minutes and can be completed by

How to Fix Hardware in a PC

It's not always possible to repair damaged or malfunctioning computer hardware yourself, but it is possible to troubleshoot the hardware to isolate the problem and potentially resolve it without replacing the component. Depending on the nature of the problem, it can take extensive testing or be comp

How to Resolve Missing Realtek Audio Driver Issues

There are certain things you might come to expect when you purchase a new computer, and with the new all-in-one solutions they have integrated into the new systems, this means a new level of ease and reliability that you couldn't get from clunky fix-it-yourself solutions of the past. Of course,

HP 3380 Scanner Errors

The HP 3380 is an all-in-one printer with many features to meet your needs. It can print, copy, fax and scan. You can scan using the flatbed or with an automatic document feeder. The HP 3380 scans two pages per minute for color documents and about 3.1 pages per minute for grayscale documents. Occasi

Why Won't My Telephoto Lens Focus?

A telephoto lens allows for a long focus in photography, with a shorter length than that of other long-focus lenses. Any lens with a focal range above 100mm is classed as telephoto and will allow you to zoom in close to a shot without jeopardizing pixel quality. Telephoto lenses are ideal for captu

How to Install a Second Internal Hard Drive on a GX280 Tower

The Dell OmniPlex GX280 is a desktop computer that comes in a variety of case sizes, including a tower model that features more expansion options than the smaller models. This includes an extra 3.5-inch drive bay for a second hard drive. The design of the GX280's case is such that when opening the c

Toshiba Satellite PSM73C-SR2 Hardware Specifications

PSM73C-SR200E is the full model part number for a Toshiba Satellite M70-SR2. This is a discontinued Canadian laptop model that is part of Toshiba's series of budget computers. The computer comes stock with an 85-key full-size keyboard and a touchpad pointing device for use in place of a...

The Post Free Classified Ads Site In Pakistan

There are many things in life that work best locally. For example if you are looking for an online market for buying used car, mobile, laptop, property real estates or many things like that, these ...

The Advantages of Mac OS

Apple Mac OS X has been the operating system on Mac computers since its release in 2002, and Apple has regularly released new versions of the operating system to compete with other operating systems and add new features. Microsoft has improved Windows to keep pace with Apple, but several advantages

Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik

<Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik for Lingkar Merah. S3 is an Acer Aspire notebook design thin ultrabook future that unites the advantages of Intel's best notebook and tablet to allow the use of flexible, ...

How do I Connect Another Hard Drive to a Laptop?

Due to limited space, laptops cannot support two internal hard drives. However, laptops equipped with USB ports support external hard drives. These portable hard drives can hold up to 500 gigabytes or more of any sort of information, from music files like MP3s to video files like AVIs.

How to Build a CIFS (SMB) Network Computer

CIFS (Common Internet File System), which also is known as SMB (Server Message Block), is a network protocol used mainly on Microsoft computers to access data on other computers. SMB implementations are available on other operating systems such as Linux to allow a Windows computer to interact with t

How to Dim a Flat-Screen Monitor

Flat-screen monitors have a few design and technical advantages over traditional cathode-ray tube monitors. Their lower profiles give users more room on a desk for other peripherals. Flat screens also require less electrical power, and the quality of the display can be equivalent to, or better than,

How to Open the Back of a Viewsonic Monitor With No Visible Screws

If you have tried to take apart your Viewsonic monitor but cannot figure out where the screws are, they most likely are hidden behind the stand base. Once you take apart the base, you will see the screws holding together the monitor frame. Once you gain access to the hardware inside, you can perform

Piccolo Digital Signal Processor (DSP) - An Introduction

The Piccolo Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a High Performance 32 bit Real Time Microcontroller that is Manufactured by Texas Instruments, Inc. Within the Piccolo family of devices the TMS320F28035 has the most features. It has a 32 Bit TMS320C28x Processor Core, with a 32 bit Floating Point Math

How to Upload a DVD to a Hard Drive With Vista

You can upload videos and DVDs to your hard drive using Windows Live Movie Maker. This software, which comes pre-installed on computers running the Vista operating system, allows you to create and edit video and audio files. Windows recommends only uploading DVDs featuring home movies or work that i

How to Burn MPG Videos to a DVD

MPG videos are one of many video formats found on computers. They are compatible with several media players, but are also the preferred format for digital video discs. If you have stored MPG videos on your computer, you can burn them to a DVD using multiple methods. Each method will allow the MPG vi