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Thing to Check When a Printer Does Not Print

When you are not too familiar with your computer peripherals, a failing printer can be annoying, frustrating and confusing. When your printer will not print, you can troubleshoot any number of its problems yourself -- before you determine that it is time to take it in to a professional service techn

How to Remove a MacBook Cover

The white MacBook is Apple's general-purpose notebook computer. Costing $999, it is tied with the 11-inch MacBook Air as the lowest-cost notebook in the Apple product lineup, as of June 2011. Unlike some Apple computers, it is relatively simple to upgrade many of the components in the MacBook, such

Laptop Lcd Screen Material: Al-mg Alloy

Laptop computer shell is the directed protection of the laptop LCD screen which can also affect the cooling function, weight, appearance and so on.

Saving Money When Stocking Up on Ink

You have to wonder why we put up with high printer ink prices. It's currently more expensive that gold, pound for pound, but why are we constantly parting with our cash to buy them? Are there alternatives? You better believe it.

How to Erase & Install on a Mac Mini

Apple's line of desktop computers includes the Mac Mini, a small, box-shaped machine that requires an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Mac Minis run the Mac OS X operating system and come with a system installation DVD that can be used for disk maintenance and reformatting. You can perform an e

How to Tell 64 Bit

The ability of a computer to handle and process data is somewhat dependent on whether it is a 32- or 64-bit machine. Your ability to download and install some applications and install hardware components will somewhat depend on whether your computer is 32 or 64 bits. It takes a minute or two to find

How Do You View Work Group Computers on Your Network?

When computers running Windows are networked together without being administered by a computer running a Windows Server operating system, they form what is called a "workgroup." Within a workgroup, computers can share files and other resources with one another. If you are running a Windows computer

Can You Change a Read Only Status for Flash Drives?

Flash drives are external storage devices that enable users to carry data from one computer to another. They have replaced floppy disks for data storage because they are more convenient to use, fit in any USB port on any computer, and can store more information. They can be locked, or made "read onl

How to Recover Durabook

Durabook notebooks, developed by Gammatech, contain a rugged, durable frame that provides protection from physical damage, spills and shocks. Durabook notebooks, which run the Windows Vista operating system, use an internal hard drive to store important personal files. If a Durabook slows down or if

Consumer Information Regarding USB Computer Headsets

Basic information regard USB Computer Headsets and Wireless USB HeadsetsNowadays, technology has provided man with comfort through wireless headsets & other advancements that allow users to enjoy activities such as listening to music, watching movies and even communicating. This technology also allo

How to Fix the Power Supply on a 250-Watt Bestec ATX

The Bestec 250-watt ATX power supply can be used in any computer in an ATX-sized case that does not exceed a power requirement of 250 watts. If the power supply begins displaying problems, you need to troubleshoot the issue before the faulty power supply can damage other hardware on your system. The

Microsoft Server Training

For those looking to advance their information technology, or IT, career, Microsoft server training is an option worth considering. The Microsoft server training offers specialist knowledge of the Microsoft server and enables the applicant to gain a recognized certification at the same time.

How to Refill a HP 901 Inkjet Cartridge

The HP 901 is a popular inkjet printer cartridge model used in several models of HP home printers. With the widespread availability of inkjet refill kits, many inkjet printer owners are choosing to refill their cartridges themselves instead of purchasing expensive replacements. If you want to refill

Fix The Clock Of Your Computer

Clock is a very essential feature of your desktop as well as laptop. A wrong date in your laptop may change the date of many applications in your computer.

Video: How to Bold & Underline on Notepad for the iPad

Video Transcript Hi, I¡¯m Skylar. Let's take a look at Notes on iPad. I'm going to highlight some text and see if I can make it bold or underline. Which I can't. Because Notes doesn't support Rich Text. So how do I do it then? Well, let's say I'm in Mail and I've got some text here, if...

Laptops From Toshiba

Go mobile with Toshiba Laptops. Ranging from meant for professionals, designers, businessman, college goers these present the best range of laptops you can have. Let's have a look at what Toshiba has to offer: Portege: ...

Where's the Best Place to Buy a Lap Top Computer

Mobile computing is gradually becoming the default path of the so-called "digital lifestyle," and laptops are a popular option for students and people who are on the go. There are quite a few good places to shop for laptops.