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Asus G53jw-3de Gtx 460m 3d Vision Gaming Notebook Review

One glance at the G53 will tell you everything you need to know about this laptop’s portability. This is a big sucker, and even if it were light, it would be difficult to tote around. My full-size backpack, which is large enough to fit most “normal” 15.6” laptops easily, is j

Satellite Laptop A135-S4677 Specs

A135-S4677 was one of the model numbers of the Toshiba Satellite A135, a laptop PC released in 2007 by Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Toshiba Corporation under its flagship Satellite brand. The model numbers represented various configurations that consequently bore a suggested manufactur

Considering a Dell Desktop PC

Is your old computer getting a bit old in the tooth? Think it's time to upgrade? Considering a Dell Desktop PC? Explore the alternatives and make an intelligent choice for your next desktop pc.

How to Fix the Audio on My Laptop Computer

Most laptop computers come with speakers built in, making audio problems particularly frustrating because it is difficult to inspect the speakers and see if there are any obvious problems with power supply or wiring. Most likely, though, the problem is with your computer settings or perhaps an outda

PC Monitor Connection Types

Almost all monitors come with a VGA connectionMonitor image by Caila from Fotolia.comA good PC monitor is essential if you want to view the true processing power of your computer. In addition, which type of connection you use to hook up your monitor to a PC determines the quality of the...

How to Clean Ink Clogged on My Copier

The print heads on your printer are the mechanism that projects ink onto your sheet of paper. These print heads can become clogged if you use the printer infrequently, or do not clean it regularly. The easiest way to unclog a printer is to run the self-cleaning cycle on the machine itself. If that p

How to Create a Bootable USB HD

Computers are continually getting smaller and as the need for optical drives continues to decrease, small "netbooks" are opting to forgo them altogether. As a result, installing or reinstalling an operating system on a netbook can be difficult because you cannot merely insert the installation CD or

Does the Latitude D620 Have a Built-In Webcam?

The Dell Latitude D620 notebook computer has a small lens below the display. You might initially mistake it for a built-in webcam. However, the lens senses the ambient light in the computer's environment. The Latitude D620 has no integrated webcam.

How to Install a Pixel Shader

Movies like "Shrek" and "Cars" are animations that use pixel shading technology. Although their programs are professional versions, basic pixel shading programs are available to download to the public. Pixel shaders alter the pixels to create shading and 3-D qualities to images. You do not need to s

How to Register a New Palm PDA

Manufactured by Palm, Inc., Palm PDA devices are just like any other smartphone or cell phone. This is true in the features and in the fact that they require activation before you are allowed to use them with your cell phone provider. If you want to activate your new Palm PDA, you can do this online

Xeon Vs. Core 2

Intel Corporation, the world's largest semiconductor industry, is responsible for manufacturing two families of microprocessors, or central processing units (CPUs), called the Intel Xeon and the Intel Core 2. Intel makes the Xeon for the non-consumer computer market, while the Core 2 is for for desk

How to Transfer MP3s to an iPod

Software programs are available that can transfer MP3s to an iPod. Some of these include iTunes, Winamp and CopyTrans Manager. These are safe, free and legal to download online. MP3 is the format for audio files most commonly used with the iPod. After you transfer the MP3s to an iPod, it is possible

Can You Repair the Red Ring of Death Yourself?

The Xbox 360 has a major design flaw. If a unit is allowed to overheat, this will cause the motherboard to flex and warp. This, in turn, will cause other components to come loose. This ...

How to Install RAM on a Compaq Armada M300

The Compaq Armada M300 is an ultra-portable laptop capable of performing a modest array of business functions, making it an attractive choice for the frugal business professional. In its standard configuration, the M300 comes equipped with a 600 MHz Pentium III processor, 64 MB of SDRAM, 12 GB of ha

My HP Officejet J5780 Isn't Working With Windows Vista

The HP Officejet J5780 printer is not a plug-and-play printer -- meaning that you cannot simply insert the printer's USB cord into a computer that runs Microsoft Vista and expect it to work properly. Your Vista computer must have the proper driver installed in order for the printer to work. The driv

Juniper to Come Out With 100 Gigabit Switches

Brocade is coming out with 100 gigabit switches in the next few months and I'm sure Juniper will be quick to follow suit. Juniper now offers carrier class non blocking switches with the biggest and baddest backplanes on the planet.

Canon Copiers

There are a lot of different copier manufacturers and all of them have their benefits, I am not saying one is better than the other but if you are looking for a copier for your work I can easily recommend Canon Copiers, they offer flexible copying that is digital and very high quality laser printing

How to Find HP Photosmart C5180 During a Network Setup

When you set up a network printer, such as the HP Photosmart C5180, then you will find the printer in the "Network Printers" list. Installing a network printer is a different process than installing a standard single-computer printer, as you do not simply install the drivers. While the drivers still