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How to Remove Active Desktop Recovery

Windows active desktop recovery is an option that allows web content to display on your desktop. This option has its advantages, but it can be a bit of a resource hog. Turning off superfluous Windows options can speed up your operating system. Your can turn off Windows active desktop recovery in abo

How to Configure an LPD Printer With Dell

LPD is a protocol used for sending print jobs to a remote printer. It stands for Line Printer Daemon. It is used in combination with LPR, which stands for Line Printer Remote. You may want to configure a printer with the LPD protocol if you want to share the printer on a network to be accessible to

How to Connect a Computer to a Samsung Monitor

If you have a damaged computer or laptop screen, connecting your computer to an external monitor can solve the problem. Connecting the two is as simple as plugging in a cable and pressing a couple of computer keys. Samsung makes many models of monitors that can be hooked up to most computers, so you

Zip File Password Recovery

Zip technology combines multiple files into a single archive, the file size of which is smaller than the combined file size of the original files. These archives are useful for emailing files between users. Zip technology supports password protection.

How to Upgrade SSD on an Acer Aspire One

SSD is the shorthand term for "Solid State Drive," a new type of hard drive that uses stationary memory chips to hold data instead of rotating magnetic platters which are used in most hard drives. If you have one of the latest Acer Aspire One laptops and you want to upgrade its hard drive to use an

How to Clean the Print Head of an Epson Printer

A print head is the part of the printer that is responsible for printing the ink onto the paper. When your printed pages aren't coming out quite right on your Epson printer (such as missing lines or a spotty printout), chances are that it is a problem with the print head. It may need to be unclogged

How to Allow Things Passed My Firewall

Windows Firewall helps protect your computer against hackers and malicious software downloaded from the Web. Keeping the default firewall enabled will block most programs from being able to communicate past the firewall. Windows 7 gives you the flexibility of being able to include specific programs

Tax Breaks for Personal Vehicles

Although your car may seem like a major expense, it can also save you money on your taxes. While most of your driving expenses are non-deductible personal expenses, the government lets you deduct certain uses of your car. In addition, some of the taxes you pay on your car can also be deducted. The k

How to Install Vista on a Dell Inspiron 530S

The Dell Inspiron 530S is a desktop computer that comes prepackaged with Windows Vista, but if you upgrade the hard drive or need to reformat a drive, you can reinstall Windows Vista on the machine. The Windows Vista installation process is completely graphical, unlike early versions of Windows. The

How to Attach Album Art on iTunes

Apple's iTunes software functions as a complete digital media library, which not only plays music, but also has the ability to display the corresponding album art while a song plays. In order for this function to work, though, your music must have album art attached to your music. In some cases, you

Replacing Discontinued or Unsupported Print Spool Management Software

When a company's print management software provider discontinues support of a software product, it can leave the client company in a tough spot. This article helps take a look at the process of searching for a replacement, third-party print spool program along with some key considerations that

Can My Faulty Laptop Charger Be Fixed?

The answer to the question 'Can my faulty laptop charger be fixed?' is both 'yes' and 'no.' The question really is whether you should do it or not.

How to Check for Motherboard Problems

The hard drive, processor, power supply, system memory and video card are all central to the functioning of a computer. These devices connect to the motherboard. The motherboard transmits data across buses, which are like roads that travel along the surface of the motherboard. Buses enable the conne

How to Share a Multi Function Printer Over a Network

A multi-function printer is a useful and versatile piece of equipment, whether you use it at home or your office. Even if you have multiple computers, you do not need to purchase a printer for each one. You can simply use your existing local network to share your multi-function printer so that every

Evolution of Supercomputers

Supercomputers are not your average computers. They are designed to work at very fast speeds, handling huge amounts of data and performing multiple complex tasks at the same time. In the following article, take an ...

How to Disable a Bad USB Port on a Laptop

Windows computers come with a built-in Device Manager utility that's used to manage the hardware devices of the computer, including USB ports. Most laptops come with one or more USB ports to attach computer accessories such as mice, external hard drives and cell phones. A faulty USB port will report

How to Upgrade an Intel 82801AA USB Universal Host Controller

Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices use the hardware host controller to communicate with the host controller driver within software. It's important to keep the drivers updated so that hardware runs as efficiently as possible. Intel makes that task easy; by scanning what hardware exists within a compu

How to Set Up Wireless With Leopard

Snow Leopard is an operating system designed for Apple computers. Also known as Mac OS X, it is based on the Unix platform and comes preloaded with various applications and programs. Released to the public in 2009, this is the latest OS available for Mac, as of 2010, and was designed t