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Reasons For Atomic Clock Timing

Atomic clocks have, unbeknown to most people, revolutionised our technology. Many of the ways we trade, communicate and travel are now solely dependent on timing from atomic clock sources.

How to Secure a Laptop Hard Drive

Your laptop is a mobile wealth of information and could be susceptible to either being lost or stolen. If your laptop were lost or stolen, somebody could open it up and get all of your personal information. The best way to combat prying eyes and identity theft is to put a password on the BIOS (Basi

How to Recover a Hard Drive Partition

It is always stressful time when your hard drive tanks, but especially when you have failed to back up your data and program files. You may be able to recover your hard-drive partition by using another machine. However, keep in mind that this process will not work in all cases. So take 5 minutes to

How to Install a Dell Dimension Hard Drive

The Dell Dimension line was one of Dell's most popular computer lines, comprised of 34 models over the course of the line's life. Many Dell Dimension desktops found themselves in need of upgrades in order to keep up with technological trends, with one of the more common upgrades being the installati

How to Reinitialize an HP M3027X

The HP M3027X multifunction unit combines the functions of a fax machine, copier, scanner and printer into a single unit. This design allows computer owners to save both desk space and money, since there is no need to purchase separate machines for each purpose. While most problems with the M3027X c

How to Compress Movie Files & Burn Onto DVD

Movie files are large and take up a lot of space on a computer hard drive. It is possible to compress them so that they take up less space and still retain quality. Compressing this type of file before copying it to a DVD also creates space on the disk for more files. Windows Media Encoder and Windo

How to Change Top Friends on Stickam

Named the "Top Video Destination for Teens" by Nielsen in 2008, Stickam is a website that offers live streaming video to a community with over 7 million registered users. The website enables the streaming of live content to computers, consoles and mobile devices. Enabling brands, companies and indiv

What Is a Java.rmi.RemoteException?

Java programmers spend much of their development time planning appropriate exception handling, from exceptions that arise in the libraries they use to planning which exceptions they'll generate with their own code. While most Java code deals with common exceptions, such that arise from file errors o

How to Wire an Audio Deck to a Computer

Wiring audio components to a computer system follows the same basic connection pattern, whether the audio deck is a CD player, tape player, tuner, receiver or preamp and amplifier. Even if you decide to wire an entire stereo system to the computer, this can be done with a single connection through t

How to Clean Ink Cartridges Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Anyone that has used an ink cartridge in their printer has experienced the frustration of poor print quality or an unusable cartridge due to a clog in the ink cartridge. The process of cleaning these ink cartridges is simply easier when you use an Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Mac Printer Troubleshooting

If your printer is unresponsive when you're attempting to print from your Macintosh computer, your problem could be as easy as a loose USB or power cable or a software conflict that requires removing the printer from your list of available printers, according to the Apple site. Your printer's settin

How to Copy a Data CD to a Hard Drive

A data CD is a compact disc that was created on a computer and holds data files such as documents and images. It cannot be played on an audio CD player. A typical CD will hold 700 megabytes of data. CDs can be used as a way to transfer data from one computer to another or as a data back-up method

How do I Replace the IBM R50P Laptop Screen?

The idea of disassembling the entire LCD screen assembly on your IBM R50p laptop may sound intimidating if you don't know much about computers. But these laptops are designed so that the screens can be removed in the event of damage or breakage. And replacing the screen on your own will save you qui

How to Erase a Write-Protected CD

Write-protection is put on many compact discs after they're burned to keep the files written to the disc from being erased. If you want to add more files or remove the ones on the CD, your computer may tell you that you can't because it's write-protected. While some programs, such as music and video

How to Use a Gsm Card

The Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication standard is the most popular and widespread cellular standard in the world. By using products that support the four most common frequency bands in the world, GSM technology can be used for broadband Internet access in most major world cities. Setting

How to Reset to Defaults on an HP 5550 Printer

If you reset to the default settings on an HP 5550 printer, all of your custom settings will be lost. A cold reset turns the printer back to its original factory settings. You should only perform a cold reset if your printer is malfunctioning or if you cannot figure out how to change certain setting

How to Boot to USB in VirtualBox

Booting directly from a USB pen drive is impossible in VirtualBox, but there is a common workaround for getting VirtualBox to recognize and boot the USB drive as a virtual disk. Using VirtualBox's command line tools, this will allow you to boot Linux Live distributions or other Live CDs in VirtualBo

How to Get Album Artwork for an MP3

MP3 files are a standard file type that can be played on several different digital music players. Embedded within each MP3 file is what is known as metadata. Simply put, this is data about data. One vital type of metadata in an MP3 file is the album artwork. This is a piece of graphics data associat