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How to Use a PC As a Fax Machine

Windows XP, Vista and 7 all include free fax software that will enable your computer to send and receive faxes for free. Once you have received a fax, you can save it to archive the fax digitally or you may print the pages received. Connecting an external scanner allows you to send documents that

How to Use System Restore on a Mac

Those who use computers know all too well that there comes a point in time where is it time to start fresh. Whether it be software malfunctions, corrupt applications or viruses that has brought your Mac to a halt, rest assured there is an easy way to return the machine back to normal. With a System

How to Boost AT&T 2Wire Speed

When it comes to AT&T 2Wire ADSL service, there are many things that you can do to boost your Internet speed. Regardless of what you do in your home to help boost your speeds, you will not be able to get speeds faster than what your service is rated for. Speeds that are within 80 percent of your

How to Monitor Laptop Heat

Not a lot of space exists for air flow within laptops, which commonly leads to overheating. Once your laptop starts to overheat, it will cease to function properly. It may start to run painfully slow, and it could even restart by itself. To keep this from becoming a problem, monitor your laptop's he

How to Install the Thank You Manager on a PS3

"Th@nkYou Manager" for the Playstation 3 is a backup manager created by ahacker, neox3 and released in 2010. It was created as an alternative to Open Manager and Gaia Manager in an attempt to offer a manager with more pleasing aesthetics. Backup managers are software applications installed

How to Start VNC in Linux

AT&T is the developer of the virtual network computer, otherwise known as VNC. This virtual computer was designed in order to administer a machine without first requiring that the console is physically there. Consider it to have a similar interface and purpose as Windows Terminal Services. However,

Types, Features and Advantages of a Rugged Portable Computer

When the best technology is used, it improves efficiency and provides accuracy in various areas of business. Today, technology and computers are used in almost all the industries. Whether you are handling inventory in your warehouse, re-routing a tractor trailer on the move or relaying instructions

How To Choose Your Best Thinkpad Laptop

The first company introduced ThinkPad to the world is IBM; however IBM decided to sell this brand name to Lenovo, and this new owner expanded the production of ThinkPad laptop series. As a very well-known name within computer user community, by years, ThinkPad has changed a lot and always brought di

7600 GS Vs. 6800 GS

The Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS and GeForce 6800 GS are graphics processing units, or video/graphics cards, developed for desktop personal computers by Nvidia. Some versions of the cards were made for the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) motherboard interface, and others for the Peripheral Component Inter

How to Read Double Layer DVDs

Since so many DVD movies released by major studios contain special features, the movies are often stored on double-layer, or dual-layer, discs. As the name implies, double-layer discs contain nearly twice the storage space of standard DVD discs, with 8.5 GB of storage, compared with a standard DVD's

1800 Series Used - Cisco Routers and Fixed Configuration

If you're looking at used Cisco routers: This article covers a "Cisco niche," fixed-configuration models, but the author encourages looking at OEM refurbished Cisco routers of any series or model. It's just good business sense to save on refurbished as you take advantage of the C

How to Set Up VoIP at Home

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers offer low-cost digital Internet-based telephone services for both business and residential customers. There are two basic fee plans available depending upon which provider you opt for. Skype offers both pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription rat

How to Change the LCD Screen on a Laptop

Replacing the LCD screen of your laptop computer is a challenging endeavor that requires a lot of care. If your laptop's LCD display is broken, it will need to be replaced. Replacing components on a notebook computer is significantly more difficult than changing components in a desktop system becaus

Specifications on Toshiba Laptops

A Japan-based multinational company specializing in consumer electronics, Toshiba Corporation has six families of laptop PCs, as of August 2010. Its flagship line is the Satellite. The other categories are the Satellite Pro as the budget business laptop, the Qosmio for digital entertainment-minded u

How to Build a Flash Drive

Flash drives are great to have on hand if you need to save a document, image or any other type of file and you are not at your computer. As technology advances, memory storage capacity doubles and prices fall about every other year. This means that if the largest flash drive available today is 16 GB

How to Get an HP Scanjet 3300C to Work With Vista

The latest software update available for the HP Scanjet 3300 C was developed for a Windows XP operating system. Due to this, the printer will not automatically recognize when you upgrade to Windows Vista. Windows Vista is not automatically attuned to the software drivers of older machines. If you ar

Fiber Optically Smooth - The Otdr

The use of modern fiber optic test equipment can be used to help phone companies keep their networks operating without interference. When a long distance telephone line goes down, it's not the type of publicity phone companies revel in. Fiber optical technology continues to grow to ensure the d

How to Calibrate Colors on a Konica Bizhub

Konica's Bizhub range is a collection of high end printers that offer exceptional printing abilities. Known for their speed and price efficiency, the printers are ideal for those catering to customers in need of high quality print outs. To calibrate and change color scales on the printer is a simple

A Complete HP Pavilion P6500z Review

One reason why anyone would want to write an HP Pavilion p6500z Review is so as to be able to explore the various benefits and limitations of this machine. Some people may not understand the difficulty that anyone might face when one is trying to make the buying decision. There are usually so many s