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How to Unlock an HP LCD OSD

Besides simply displaying an image from your computer's desktop, your HP LCD monitor also includes an on-screen display (OSD) that lets you modify different viewing settings. HP LCD monitors have an OSD lock security function, which prevents anyone from accessing the OSD to make changes. To regain a

Phenom Overclock Guide

This article is the perfect guide to teach you how to overclock your computer. Overclocking a computer can improve its performance and its speed, and you can do it yourself at home without having to upgrade any of your parts. Take a look at how.

What Is My VNC Server Port?

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is specific technology which allows one computer to remotely access another computer. Computers which allow remote access using VNC will have a VNC Server running with log in information. By default the VNC Server broadcast itself on port 5900. Any VNC Client will beg

Adding RAM with an External Hard Drive

Windows Vista and 7 comes equipped with a feature called "ReadyBoost" which adds the ability to add extra memory to your computer without having to install RAM modules. This is done by using spare disk space on a USB drive. It works by creating a temporary cache on the drive that is micromanaged vi

What is a Voltage Regulator Module?

A microprocessor refers to a component that performs most of the functions of a computer's central processing unit and is contained on an integrated circuit. Voltage regulator modules maintain voltage requirements for a microprocessor.

How to Make a Second Drive Bootable

These days, more and more computers have multiple hard drives. Additional hard drives in a computer allow for increased storage capacity and for the installation of alternative or secondary operating systems. You can make secondary or additional hard drives in your computer bootable with the "bootse

How to Sync Music Onto a Memory Card Without Using a USB Cable

There are many reasons why you might want to sync music on your music listening device onto a memory card. Perhaps you simply want to back up your music files to ensure they are never lost, or perhaps you’d like to be able to listen to them from any computer. Regardless, syncing music onto a m

How Do I Replace a Gateway W340ui Motherboard?

The motherboard is the brain of the computer system and processes the inputs of the devices connected to the laptop. At times they can be damaged due to power surges, loose connectors or even device failure. Depending on the laptop, it makes more sense to replace the motherboard instead of purchasin

How to Disable HP Updates

All new computers manufactured by Hewlett Packard (HP) come preinstalled with a program called HP Software Updates. This program connects to a database at HP and then displays any updates that are available for your computer's HP products. Getting updates automatically is generally quick and easy,

How to Set Up the Fax on a Canon PIXMA MP780

The Canon PIXMA MP780 includes print, fax and copy capabilities in one unit. You can use the MP780 as a personal fax machine at home, or as a great addition to your home or small business office. When you install the MP780, you need to configure the fax machine settings so that any outbound faxes ar

M756MRT Driver Update

The M756MRT chip is a leading BIOS component that's designed to help your computer to correctly connect the various different components of your PC into a centralized structure, which can be read and utilized by your PC. Designed by the "PC Chips" company in Taiwan, M756MRT is continu

How to Build a Wiki Server

Building and running a Wiki server can be time-consuming but rewarding. Websites such as Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica are some of the more popular Wiki sites. With enough dedication, time and effort your Wiki database can also succeed like the most sought-after Wikis.

To Repair Or Replace a Printer?

An answer to the often asked question: Should I repair my printer or buy a new one? It all boils down to you and your situation.

Faster Computer Processor Makes a Huge Difference

We all know that the most important part of the computer is a processor. It is the heart of the computer or more closely a very powerful brain that delegates all of the tasks. Without a good processor, there is not much your computer might be able to do.

How to Install a Lexmark 4200 Printer Without the Disc

If you are attempting to use your Lexmark 4200 printer but can't find the installation disc, no need to worry. Most manufacturers provide drivers, software and product manuals online for download. Lexmark is no exception, you can download the 4200 driver from Lexmark's support page making the insta

How to Fix Mouse Scrolling Problems on My Laptop

Touchpads on laptops were originally designed to replace external mice. As of August 2011, touchpad mice often mimic scroll wheels and allow users to scroll across the page when they drag their fingers along the far right side of the device. If you're having scrolling problems when using your laptop

How to Sync Music to Samsung Juke

Released in 2007 on the Verizon Wireless network, the Samsung Juke SCH-U470 is a small cellphone with an integrated music player. Samsung's online instructions suggest that Windows Media Player be used to sync music -- a program native to most PCs. The Juke has 2GB of internal memory, which allows f

How to Upgrade a Dell Dimension 2350 Computer

Upgrading the hard drive and the random access memory in the Dell Dimension 2350 can improve the speed and performance of the computer, and increase the capacity available for saving or downloading files. The Dell Dimension 2350 requires an IDE hard drive and PC2100 DDR SDRAM. Before upgrading the R

Can I Put Kindle Books on Another Kindle?

A lot of people like to share the books they own with other people, so it's good to know that if you have a Kindle, you may be able to do the same thing -- with some limits. The same rule applies if you have more than one Kindle, such as if you upgrade to a newer model and want to keep the books you