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Hard Drive Data Recovery for a Much Lesser Cost

Storing your data on the hard drive of your personal computer is not one hundred percent safe. This is because a hard drive is a mechanical device that is constantly active and thus, subjected to ...

My Dell Desktop Has a Virus, How Do I Wipe It Clean

If you suspect a virus activity in your Dell computer, you should tend to it immediately. Here is a free virus removal guide for your Dell computer. it discusses how to wipe clean a computer when it encounters a virus.

How to Remove XP Anti-virus Software

Sometimes computers will inadvertently acquire programs that look legitimate. More often than not, however, these phantom programs are harmful viruses that serve no real purpose on your computer. What makes matters worse is that these programs may take the guise of a program created by Microsoft. Th

Unsung Heroes of Our Nuclear Times

Our modern age of complex technology includes dangerous risks if dependable safeguards are not in place. The Human Factor is also important to account for in potentially dangerous environments. This article mentions a unique software platform which increases business intelligence as well as minimize

How Can I Remove Spyware For Free?

Spyware is defined as "A computer program or software that resides on an infected computer and collects information about the users without their informed consent. This personal information is secretly recorded with a variety of techniques, including logging keystrokes, recording Internet web b

Shield Your Business With Cloud Network Armor!

As a member of an FBI Task Force on Internet Security for Small Business, I can say with certainty that the times online have never been more dangerous or less secure. But there are steps you can take, measures you can employ, that greatly enhance both your sense of security and the actual state you

Microsoft Exchange Server: Emails Fails to be Delivered

If Exchange Server fails to deliver any email message to the target recipient, it generates a Non-Delivery Report. The causes include expired or inactive accounts, SMTP issues, non-existent accounts, firewall interoperability concerns, email address misspelling ...

How to Recover Data from Hard Disk

People who use computers frequently in their daily routine are aware of the fact that at some point the hard disk of the system gets failed and it stops operating properly. As a consequence of which,"

5 Common Windows XP Recovery Techniques

Microsoft Windows XP is considered to be a reliable and stable version of Windows operating system. However, it is still possible that it unexpectedly crashes and dies. It can occur due a number of reasons, ...

5 Signs It's a Phishing Email

Is your spidey sense telling you something is wrong with an email? Trust your instincts and also check out these 5 signs that it might be a phishing email:

Password recovery tools

Have you ever faced the trouble of forgetting the password? Password recovery is probably the most attractive facility for one that has an enormously huge amount of passwords to remember. Web services usually have means ...

Understanding Continuous Data Protection Technology

If you have data that is important to you, which normally means all your work you need to look into Continuous Data Protection (CDP) which is also known as real time backup. CDP provides nonstop backup to your computer data by saving a copy of everything you do capturing all versions of data you cre

How to Remove Antivirus Trigger 2.1

Antivirus Trigger 2.1 is a virus similar to Virus Trigger. Both viruses convince users to download software that will further infect their computers after purchase. The program is often advertised on websites that pose as free virus scanners that report viruses that they claim may only be removed wi

Spyware Cleaner

If you have any exposure to the internet, chances are you have heard of spyware software. In a nutshell, spyware interferes the PC user's activities without informed consent, such as redirecting the user to a website or installing other software unto the PC. This detrimental software also colle

Antivirus Software Features

Antivirus software is a type of computer program designed to protect you against harmful computer viruses, worms, Trojans and other "malware." There are many different antivirus programs on the market, some of which are free to use, while others require a paid subscription. Antivirus...

Anti Spyware - 7 Signs When You Might Be Infected

Spyware is becoming a real, but often underestimated, internet threat. Keep the following 7 signs in mind, as they might very well point to the existence of some nasty spyware on your computer.

How to Remove Avira

Avira is an antivirus program that protects and eliminates viruses from your computer. Since Avira is intended to protect computers, it was designed to be difficult to remove, uninstall or corrupt. This may be a problem should you choose to switch to a different antivirus program, since having two d

Cyber Terrorism - The One Sided War, Time to Fight Back!

As War rages in the middle east and many continents all over the world not to mention the apparent warfare raging in government and financial institutions across the globe there is another war raging and that's a cyber war against hackers, viruses and spyware. This is a War where technology and