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How to Stretch the Corners of a Canvas

One of the first things an aspiring painter needs to learn is how to stretch her own canvases. Stretching your own canvas puts you in control of the dimensions and surface of your work. You may choose to stretch unprimed or primed canvas or linen over store-bought or handmade wooden stretcher bars.

How to Prepare Urethane for a Concrete Floor

Is your concrete floor suffering from a lackluster finish? With a minimal amount of preparation work and a trip to your local paint store, you can turn that floor from drab to dapper. Just as a wooden floor can be sealed and shine to perfection with a clear coat of urethane, so can a concrete floor,

Painting Over Glossy Tile

If you have bathroom tiles that are solid and structurally fine, with their only problem being that they’re hot pink or some other unacceptable color, consider painting them instead of replacing them. It’s not as simple as painting a wall, but tiles can be successfully painted with the r

A Complete Guide to 3D Animation & the World of Computer Animations

If you have been one of these people who has just had to sketch something every time the opportunity arises then there may be an opportunity for you in art. It may go beyond that point and you are fascinated in animation. Now it has gone even further where you just have to become a 3D animator. If t

How to Draw Moose Antlers

You can draw a set of realistic moose antlers by closely following the detail in a moose photo. The antlers of a moose are their most recognizable feature. A male moose, also called a bull, has large flat antlers that may grow as large as five feet across. Moose antlers are covered in a velvety skin

How to Use Black Pigment in Oil Painting

In all reality, an artist can go through his entire career and never own a tube of black paint. Most artists make shadows with dark colors like blue, brown, and even green or red---but not with black, because black tends to muddy the canvas and flatten the image. If you plan to use black pigment in

Spray Painting Prep Tips

It's important that spray painters do some careful prep work.spray image by Dragana Petrovic from Fotolia.comSpray painting is often an easy solution for getting coats of paint onto furniture, houses and other places in a short amount of time. The paint comes in a variety of colors, and...

How to Paint Over a Granite Fireplace

Nothing spoils the effect of a beautiful fireplace like an outdated surround. Granite is one example of a surround material that can grow tiresome over time. The smooth, slick surface may appear hard, cold and too 1980s-contemporary for your taste. One way to change the look of your granite fireplac

How to Draft in Different Lettering Styles

Lettering, when used in drafting, is a skill that requires incredible patience and precision. Most architects and cartoonists start out by learning the basic block lettering style, but you may find this style too formal and rigid for your projects. Thankfully, once you learn the basic block style, y

What Is the Cash Drawing Account in Accounting?

A cash drawing account is the accounting record of money that the owner or owners of a sole proprietorship or partnership have taken out of a business for personal use. With these types of business, such withdrawals are the way an owner receives income from the business. The cash drawing account is

How to Convert Texture to Cartoon Styles

Texture is an important facet of artwork that helps make a picture look more realistic. Even if you're drawing cartoons, texture is an important element to include. Unlike realistic art, cartoon art allows the artist to create a simplified rendering of a surface's shape or pattern. Using "selective

Get Involved In Cosplay

By joining in these cosplay activities, you can get yourself involved and get to know more details about cosplay. A cosplay show can make both the cosplayers and audience happy as the cosplayers can show their performance and the audience can watch a wonderful and interesting show that they are inte

How to Transfer an Image to Pastel Paper

Often, photographers seek ways to give an added artistic touch to their images. One popular way to make photos look painterly was to transfer the emulsion from Polaroid pictures onto fine art paper. However, Polaroid film was expensive and eventually production for it came to a halt. Now, alternativ

How to Use Colored Acrylic Shapes for Wall Art

Just about anything can be made into wall art with some creativity and, sometimes, minimal work. Colored acrylic shapes are great for making interesting and beautiful graphic wall art. Building a non-permanent piece also allows you to change the look of your art whenever it suits you. Sticking to

Mobile Suit Gundam 00F Volume 1

Read a review of Mobile Suit Gundam 00F Volume 1, a shonen manga series by Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino and Kouichi Tokita from Bandai Entertainment. In this Gundam 00 sidestory, the focus is squarely on the Fereshte, a group dedicated to support the members of the Celestial Being.