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How to Build a Curved Doorway

Replacing a standard door opening with a curved archway can give your room a classier appearance with an element of historical architecture. A curved doorway can be built between two rooms in your home over the course of a weekend. The job can be simplified if you purchase door jamb columns and a pr

How to Repaint Wrought Iron

Wrought iron has been in use since the middle ages and was used for weapons and building, such as bridge supports and framing. Wrought iron replaced the use of bronze for these uses. Today, the term is generally used to describe the intricate ironwork on furniture, railings, gates and wine racks. Wr

Sakura-Con 2008 - Friday Noon

Attendees for Sakura-Con 2008 head up the escalator in the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in downtown Seattle.

How to Draw the Human Figure

Learning how to draw the human figure is an exciting adventure. The human figure is a beautiful form of art. Drawing humans is a challenge because each human figure is unique. Understanding the human anatomy will help you to master the techniques. Drawing the human figure can seem daunting, but foll

How to Finish Sassafras Wood

A simple, glossy varnish coating is usually the best choice for hardwoods, such as oak, walnut, maple and sassafras. Softwoods, such as pine and cedar are good candidates for stain, because they are porous enough to absorb it evenly. Hardwoods are not well-suited for stain absorption, because they

How to Identify Points of Interest in an Image

Photography is like painting with light. The images that pass through the lens and are printed in the final photograph are arranged in compositions as careful as any oil painting. Identifying the points of interest in an image is the first step in composition. Once you have identified the points of

Sakura-Con 2008 – Naruto Cosplay

Naruto cosplay (Kiba, Shikamaru and Gaara) at Sakura-Con 2008, held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington.

What Is the Shelf Life of Latex Paint?

Latex paint can be stored for years under the right conditions. Time frames for disposing of paint can vary depending on how the paint is stored. Avoid extreme temperatures and keep cans away from moisture and rust. Stirring and straining older paint can also help determine if it's worth keeping or

How to Renovate a Painted Brick Wall

Old, painted brick often needs a facelift if the paint is peeling, chipping or fading. This is a tricky process because the brick is sensitive to many treatments that usually remove paint. Abrasives like sandblasting and power washers will destroy the brick, and scraping or sanding is impossible. Yo

How to Draw a Princess on a Unicorn

Both princesses and unicorns capture the imagination of children. The unicorn is usually portrayed as a bearded, white horse with a single horn stemming from its head. The Greeks believed they actually existed in the natural world. The unicorn has been mythologized ever since. It is fitting that onl

About Uni Paint Markers

Uni paint markers are popular in the construction trade, with crafters and hobbyists, as well as in many types of manufacturing. Due to the qualities in the paint, these markers are a valuable resource since they are long lasting. Each marker tip style comes in its own colors and are sold individua

How to Use Valspar Sand-Textured Ceiling Paint

Adding texture to a ceiling adds new dimension to a room, and it can hide uneven surfaces and other flaws. Valspar produces a sand-textured paint that produces a subtle texture similar to that of sandpaper that works well as a ceiling finish. This paint can cover nearly any surface, including drywal

How to Paint a Starry Sky

Paint a starry sky by using glaze and spatter techniques with oil paints. While this project is easy to accomplish, your results will probably generate lots of applause. Start by adding a thin coat of titanium white or any color of your preference to the canvas. Too much white will cloudy your glaze

How to Clean Paintbrushes With TSP

Improper cleaning of paintbrushes is a common method of destroying them. Paint dries and hardens within paintbrushes, causing their bristles to stiffen and weaken. Blasting water up into the brushes' bristles eventually causes paintbrushes to rust and the bristles to fall out. Cleaning paintbrushes