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How to Make a Beyblade Launcher

Beyblades are dueling spinning tops, spun from a Beyblade launcher. Essential to all Beyblade launchers are three parts: the motor, the ripcord and the structure connecting the two together. The motor holds tension that is released by the ripcord. The structure holding these parts also attaches the

The Advantages of Shooting on a Sound Stage for Movies

One of the major decisions that a film production company must make before film shooting can begin is whether to shoot on a soundstage or on location. The advantages of location shooting include authenticity of setting and the absence of the need to build a set from scratch. Soundstage shoots may re

How to Paint Snowmen on Mason Jar Lids

When painting a mason jar lid, use acrylic paint and a thin brush for the details. For a simple and easily recognizable image, use flat, bold colors and don't go into too much detail. Details will only crowd the already confined space and make your painting more difficult to recognize.

How to Copyright Art Work and Paintings

Copyrighting something offers protection under U.S. law to authors of original works of authorship, including art work and paintings. Under the current copyright law, a work is automatically protected when it is created, so it is not necessary to publish it or register with the U.S. Copyright Office

How to Clean Brushes Used With Oil-Based Paint

While oil-based paints provide strong, durable coverage for most surfaces, many people opt for latex paint because they can wash their brushes with soap and water. Although brushes used with oil paints require mineral spirits, cleaning them is not as difficult as you might imagine. Tim Carter, syndi

How to Draw a Cardinal Step-by-Step

You can draw a cardinal with nine simple and easy-to-follow steps, even if you have never drawn a bird ever before. There is a great advantage in learning to draw this way. You will learn one other very important skill along with that of drawing a bird, which is how to break down the object you wan

How to Make Art Prints

Art prints are reproductions of original art work. Artists will often make prints of their work to sell rather than sell the original work. Sometimes the piece is so popular they want to be able to sell it again and again. Art prints do not have the value of an original work, but in many cases, and

Tools for an Album Cover

Now any musical act create their own professional album image by peter Hires Images from Fotolia.comWith the proliferation of musical artists on independent labels or bypassing labels and distributing their own music, more individuals not trained in creating album cover art...

Dirty Pair Flash

The Dirty Pair return once again in this '90s-era re-take on their science-fiction action-comedy antics, which sports a different flavor from the original show.

Jay Wills on EasyArt

Jay wills is a graphic artist, based in Northamptonshire. He creates graphic images with a contemporary feel and his work is now available on easy art as either art prints or canvas prints. Easy art ...

How to Draw a Picture of a Clown Fish

You may have learned what a clown fish is from the Pixar film, "Finding Nemo." The real version is a saltwater fish found in the Indian and Pacific ocean. Clown fish grow to be approximately 2 to 5 inches in size. Their bodies are orange with white stripes lined with black stripes. Clown fish take t

How to Paint Portraits With Acrylics

Portrait painting is a challenge, particularly if your goal is a high level of realism. Begin with simple, straightforward poses as you adjust to matching the symmetry and subtle nuances of the human face. As you get used to painting portraits, you may grow into more challenging poses. The oth

Anime On A Budget

Anime for Free (or Cheap!) - Get Your Anime Without Breaking Your Budget

How to Mix Paints to Achieve a Color

If you need a specific color of paint for a project, rather than purchasing a new can of paint, you can mix similar types of paint together to achieve the color you need. You can stretch paints this way and save money. You should always mix similar types of paint: oil paint with other oil paints, la

How to Remove Paint With a Power Washer

Chipped and peeling paint can easily ruin the appearance of your home's exterior, and can create a nuisance for refinishing or repainting projects. Paint stores and home improvement retailers offer many methods for removing paint. Some include dangerous chemicals, while others require serious elbow