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How to Paint Underwater Fish

Painting an underwater mural is a beautiful and imaginative way to change the theme of a room. Fish themes also promote a relaxing environment for the room. Underwater murals can be applied in any room, from bathrooms to children's rooms. There are plenty of fish themes to choose from for a vari

Painting Instructional Videos: Do You Need One?

A number of people are inclined in the field of art. Each day, thousands of artworks are subjected to the population. This is one of the reasons why some people resort to Painting Instructional Videos. ...

One-Step Painting Instructions

Painting can be an extensive process. It generally requires you to put on a coat of primer, allow that coat to dry and then proceed with at least one coat of paint. You can turn this into a one-step process by using a paint product that combines primer and paint into one can. You will still need to

How to Paint Older Sheetrock Walls

Sheetrock is a trademarked building material composed of gypsum plaster pressed between sheets of thick paper. New Sheetrock walls are highly suited for paint and do not require a base coat of primer. Unfortunately, the paper coating on older Sheetrock walls often fails, leading to potential problem

What Are Water Soluble Oil Pastels?

Water soluble oil paints, including oil pastels, allow artists to retain the beauty of oil paints while eliminating the need for harmful chemicals. Oil pastels look like thick crayons, but are merely oil paints hardened into sticks. Water soluble oil pastels are compatible with water and acrylic med

Family Portrait Color Ideas

An ugly family portrait can haunt your closet for years. It becomes an expensive memory of your family that you would rather forget. Although there are many elements out of your control, one thing you can look into is color ideas for your dress and background. The right color coordinating can make a

How to Identify Letterpress Engravings

Letterpress, the printing process to which Gutenberg applied his movable type in the 15th century, is still beloved by artisan printers because the ink is literally pressed into the paper and becomes a part of it rather than sitting on top of it. There's no mistaking the product of a letterpress. As

How to Draw Hurricane Winds & Palm Trees

Depicting the powerful forces of a hurricane in a drawing can be tricky. The best way to draw a hurricane is to show the storm's wind as it affects objects and trees. Hurricanes are tropical storms, so drawing palm trees being blown about by hurricane winds is an ideal way to create a ferocious stor

How to Create a Soundproof Booth Yourself

Creating a soundproof booth at home can be done in a day and if the right materials are used, the soundproofing can be of professional quality. The ideal booth is a small room in the basement. The basement is one of the most soundproof rooms in a house, with concrete floors and walls, and is therefo

Nana (2005)

Read a review of Nana (2005), from VIZ Pictures, starring Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki. Based on the shojo manga graphic novels by Ai Yazawa, this stylish rock and roll romance follows the original fairly faithfully, but much like the manga, it spends a long time setting up the story, then ends w