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How to Make Headshot Sheets

A headshot sheet is a perfect way to get your name out in the world of modeling and acting. For years inspirinng actors have submitted their photos to casting agencies all over the world in order to obtain a career. When creating a headshot sheet, it is very important not to cram too many photograph

How to Paint the Aluminum Siding on a House

Add color to your ordinary, drab aluminum siding and finish it with paint. However, before you rush into this type of home remodeling project, recognize the potential pitfalls. Aluminum siding is ill-suited for adhesion and will reject new paint unless it is thoroughly prepared. Therefore, first app

Adult Body Painting can be Heaps of Fun

There are still some things that exist like adult body painting that many individuals out there will just simply never try to do or participate in. I think it is safe to say that adult ...

Last Chance to Get Your Manga Entered

If you haven't yet sent your entry in for the Rising Stars of Manga contest, you're quickly running out of time. Here's the scoop again in case you missed it the first time around.

How to Teleport on "LittleBigPlanet"

"LittleBigPlanet" is a video game for the PlayStation 3 console that allows you to create an interactive realm that is the "manifested embodiment of your perfect dream world," according to the manufacturer's website. In "LittleBigPlanet," you control a Sackboy or Sackgi

How to Airbrush the Look of Real Fire

Fire can be a dangerous and destructive source; on the other hand, fire can provide warmth and beauty. An airbrush flame can add beauty, color and realism to motorcycles, clothing, helmets and cars. Unlike painted flames, airbrushed flames do not leave behind brush strokes and evenly apply the paint

How to Paint the Color Gold Using Oil Paint

When it comes to oil painting, mixing colors is one of the most important skills you can master. If you learn to mix well, you can use a simple color palette to get some of the richest, most complex colors in the color spectrum. Gold is a complex color that can be made by mixing a few basic colors,

How to Draw a Noose

A noose is a simple object to draw for both experienced and new artists alike. Even though it is simple it is also a very bold icon that has strong connotations. A noose has been used for centuries for execution as well as racial injustice. There are many different reasons why you may need to draw o

Best Anime Shows of the Decade - 2000 to 2009

Wow... another decade almost over. And what a decade it's been! We've seen a wide variety of new anime over the last ten years... some good, some bad, and some that was absolutely amazing! So, which anime titles blew us away in the 2000's? Here's my top picks for that list.

Disappearance Diary

Disappearance Diary (Shissou Nikki) by Hideo Azuma, a seinen manga graphic novel published by Fanfare / Ponent Mon

Colored Pencil Art Tips

Colored pencil offer portability, relatively low material costs, limited mess factor and ability to render sharp, detailed images. A case of pencils, a small drawing pad and a cache of miniature supplies fit neatly inside a modest pencil case, which you can carry with you to use as inspiration strik

Directions for Painting a Starry Night

The most famous starry night paintings are by Vincent van Gogh. He painted two, "Starry Night Over the Rhone," in 1888, and "The Starry Night" in 1889. The iconic pictures provide lessons on how to paint starry night scenes using the principles of Post-Impressionism and Expressio

How to Use Opaque Watercolor Paints

Painting with watercolors can be a very frustrating activity. Unlike oils and acrylic paint, watercolor paint is very unforgiving. One wrong brush stroke can ruin an entire painting. Unlike other media, watercolor paint is transparent. Any mistake in transparent watercolor will show on the finished

The Creation Of Adam Painting

Michelangelo was a truly breathtaking artist who impressed in a whole host of artistic media including sculpture and painting which are considered his main disciplines. We will focus here on one of his main paintings, ...

How to Stretch Fabric on a Stretcher

Large pre-stretched and pre-primed canvases are very expensive, which is why most artists eventually decide to stretch their own. The process is simple, and remains the same whether stretching primed or unprimed canvas. Using unprimed canvas will give better results as the priming process creates a

What Is Digital Character Design?

Digital character design uses computerized methods of 2D and 3D design, but no single creation process exists, and some include traditional art methods. Graphic novels, animation and games all rely on some type of digital character design.

Painting Fish in Acrylic Step-by-Step

Fish make visually interesting subjects for acrylic paintings with their bright, iridescent colors and streamlined, dynamic forms. Fish are painted in highly detailed, anatomically correct pictures, or are stylized and abstracted. Either way, compositions featuring fish have a long history. Acrylic