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The Automobile Cruise Control

The automobile cruise control, or the ACC for short, is guided by microwave radar and controlled by a micro-controller cruise control and can be found in all kinds of automobiles on the roads today, including the heavier type vehicles.This type of unit can help a driver maneuver through busy streets

Motoring News: 4x4 To Attend The Snowbombing Festival

Ever imagined a skiing alternative to Glastonbury? Well the Snowbombing Festival held in Austria certainly comes close. As if Glastonbury Festival isn’t wet and cold enough, the Mail Online reports that “this arctic venue will be made completely out of snow” and is predicted to see

Fashionable Ladies Scarves: Ways to Wear It

Women's clothing style is considered as one of the most diverse products on the market. One good idea that you have to bear in mind is that there are actually a lot of different pieces ...

Off The Beaten Path

Atlantic City and New York City are but two city destinations you can explore on your NJ or NY visit.

Audi R8 Was Made by the Quattro GMBH

Audi R8 is the best sports car introduced by Audi and it was made by the Quattro GmbH.There is a two-door which exudes the elegance of the Formula One race car.It is stylish and super-car ...

Electric Bicycles UK: Viking Freedom Summary

Electric bikes have plenty to recommend them. An ecologically conscious manner of transportation, substantially more people are deciding on electric bicycles. UK cyclists are offered lots of options a

The price of a car tire is an important factor

The set of tires is an important part of the car. The tire is actually one of the most important factors when you consider car safety and performance. This is why investing in good quality tires is ve

Bud Moeller: Blessings Counted, Banked and Shared

Bud is without question a brilliant businessman and as I have discovered over the past four years is that he is without question an amazing human being on all levels. A loving husband and father, a su

Shelby Mustang Rear View

About.Com Mustangs photos & coverage from the 25th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever Show, held outside of Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, Calif. on April 25, 2010. See photos from the event.

Reasons To Bring Your Car To A Subaru Repair Shop

If you drive a Subaru, repair shops that specialize in this automotive brand can be helpful in returning your car to peak performance levels. There are many reasons for you to take your car into ...

Importance of Using Genuine Car Parts

If you are making a proper plan, you will be able to give an overall makeup to your car with spending much. There are simple modification ideas available today, which can enhance the appearance and ...

Road Rage May Be Getting Better

Ever since the gas prices have skyrocketed this past year, I've noticed a significant change in the way that people have been driving. They've been slowing down or not driving at all. For instance, I drive a Jeep, which is considered an SUV of sorts.