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Car Care Tips For the Harsh Sunshine Coast Environment

The sunshine coast in QLD Australia, has a strong UV rating that can damage your cars vinyl and paint, making them age and fade quickly. In order to keep the value of your vehicle, you need to care for it regularly or you will loose vast amounts of money on resale of the vehicle. A well maintained v

Choose From an Array of Modern Wedding Cars

Wedding planning is one of the most demanding businesses of all time. People outsource their wedding planning because of the huge responsibilities that come along with it.

Scion Launches Bigger xB at Chicago Auto Show

Scion has unveiled their all-new 2008 xB at the Chicago Auto Show.The new generation xB is much bigger than its predecessor and shares some of its styling elements with a concept car from Scion.

Installing Controls for Handicap Minivans

The desire to be independent is there in every human being. However, it remained a distant dream for wheelchair bound persons for quite a long time. Fortunately, it is now a reality; thanks to handicap ...

The Most Important Safety Feature on ATV Trailers

Trailers are hard to drive. Right? That is what I always thought because when I was 16 years old and had been driving for only a few months I had to drive our 17' boat to the lake.

Getting The Correct Set Of Auto Repair Tools

Auto repair tools are something that many people overlook until it is time to make use of them. So this brief article will bring a couple of important things to your attention. Maybe it is ...

Gas Saver Vehicles

Is the Price of gas driving you out of your wallet? Maybe you should consider trading in that gas guzzler sitting out in the driveway.

Assessment in Training

There is a difference between teaching and learning. To delegates, students or clients, the priority is learning and this should also be the priority of the trainer but how do we address the difference between ...

Driving in Snow and Icy Conditions

With a new bout of cold weather heading for many parts of the UK and potentially bringing with it more ice and snow, it is essential to be well prepared when travelling even short distances. Here are some common recommendations to make sure you don't get caught out:

Tips To Buy All Types Of Car Insurance

Auto insurance can seem like a complex or complicated business. There is a lot of misunderstanding that is involved with the whole insurance industry. Sifting through all of the information can be a chore. Luckily, ...

Fiat Grande Punto Price

Fiat Grande Punto is the most popular big hatchback in the Indian auto market by Fiat India, 100 per cent subsidiary of Italian auto manufacturer firm Fiat.