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How to Report a Car Warranty Scam

Car warranty scam peddlers prey on consumers to the point of harassment in many cases. Initially the perpetrators may contact you by phone, at home or on your cell phone and, usually later, follow up with direct mail in a bid to get your attention. The warranty scams often leverage high-pressure sal

How to Negotiate with Used Car Dealers

If you are buying a used car and want to save money you need to learn how to negotiate with used car dealers. They can give you a good deal, and for the most part want to. You just need to know which buttons to push.

Government Auto Auctions Guide

Government auto auctions are great opportunities to save a lot of money when your budget is tight. Everyone knows that auctions are a bit tricky though, you have to play your cards right, there's a bit of a strategy to it. Government auctions are popular because of the quality of the vehicles l

Keeping Classic Auto History In Style With New Models

In the American auto industry, there are multiple stories of rebirth, and Dodge is no exception. Three classic Dodge vehicles, the Challenger, Charger and Magnum, have been reborn to a new generation of car enthusiasts. ...

How to Use the Blue Book to Find What Your Car Is Worth

Whether you want to sell your vehicle on your own, trade it in to a dealership or wonder what retail value is for a car you're considering, Kelley Blue Book has the answer. Although Kelley Blue Book offers an appraisal guide, the results you find are merely a guide and do not provide definitive valu

How To Buy A Used Car That Is Not A Lemon

There are several things you can do to minimize the possibiliy of purchasing a lemon. While no system is full proof, here are some things to keep in mind: 1. Take it for a test ...

How to Get the Best Deal When Purchasing a New Car

Are you finally ready to give up your 15-year-old clunker for something with that new-car smell? With a bit of research, you can find the best deal available for a new car. Checking for current incentives such as cash back and low interest rates can help you get a far better deal.

Reasons to Choose Major Cars for Birmingham Taxi

Before making you aware of this vehicle renting company let me first introduce it. 'Major cars' is a vehicle renting company located in Birmingham, UK. It is dealing in renting various types

How To Sell Your Car Online Without Getting Ripped Off

The Internet is a wonderful resource for selling your car or truck, I've sold many vehicles there myself. For the inexperienced, however, there are a few dangers in selling your car online. I'd like to share a few of the dangers of doing business with strangers, online or off, and how you

How Do Insurance Companies Determine Car Value?

How Car Insurance Companies Use ValueAuto insurance companies make use of a car's value before and after the vehicle is in an accident. The owner's insurance rates are directly related to the car's value, as higher-value cars will require a larger payout on the part of the insurance...

Affordable Cheap Tour Bus Hire

We Are Specialist Independent Splitter Bus, Crew Bus and Mini Van suppliers to The Entertainment and Music Industry in the UK and Europe

Subaru Outback Performance

The Subaru Outback is a full-sized vehicle that crosses the brawn of a sport utility vehicle with the design of a station wagon. The line began in 1995 and continues to be popular with consumers, according to Edmunds.

Financing Used Cars

Looking forward to being the proud new owner of a used car? Kind of an oxymoron, but still, buying a used car can be just as exciting as buying new. Why is this? I am sure you have heard how significantly the value of an automobile drops the minute you drive it off the lot. Although buying a new car

How Much Gas Is Left When the Warning Comes on in a Pontiac G6?

The Pontiac G6 is a smaller, sporty car offered by the GM (General Motors) brand. The gas warning light on this, and every car, will appear to let users know when they are running low on fuel. The amount of gas left depends on the car manufacturer and model. For example, cars with larger fuel tanks,

How to Buy an Engine for a Toyota Camry

When oil starts shooting out of the manifold of your Toyota Camry's engine, it's time to replace it. Buying engine parts is easy, but buying a complete engine is another issue entirely. This requires finding a company that sells whole motors, not just parts. It is possible to do but will require som