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Tips For Driving A Rental Car In The Rain

Driving an unfamiliar rental car is not just infuriating, but perilous as well. But what if you were to drive that unfamiliar rental car in the rain? Here are a few tips to help you drive a rental car

Cheap Used Cars From The State Government

Many people looking for cheap used cars turned to government seized vehicles that are often sold at auction. Most people think that the United States Marshals Service is the only agency that seizes vehicles, but ...

The New Fuel Efficient Ford Focus

The car industry is always competing to produce the most efficient make and model, and they love telling us about it. Some of the main players in the market appear to be in a race to bring the most fuel efficient and affordable cars to consumers, because this is what the demand is. Working hard to e

How to Buy Used Muscle Cars

Muscle cars are 1970s to 1980s performance-oriented cars. These cars have decreased in production due to the low demand. These cars have been in low demand since the 1990s due to the Japanese cars being more economical while offering comparable performance.

Cool Cars on a Budget

Drivers can compare vehicle specifications and performance as much as they like, but ultimately one of the biggest motivating factors that drive vehicle purchase is simply how "cool" a car is - a highly subjective but nevertheless important quality for cars to have. In a recent survey by J

Best Rental Deals On SUV Automobile

SUV vehicle is stands for Sports Utility Vehicle which concerns focused on the frequency of rollovers and the safety of other chauffeur on the road next to such large vehicles. Most of the vehicle com

Best Car Buying Company to Buy Your Vehicle

Times are difficult, and in order to cope, people resort to selling their unnecessary possessions in exchange for extra cash. If you have a junk car, or a car that is otherwise inoperable, a cash ...

A Look at Jaguar Certified Pre-Owned

Before buying a certified pre-owned vehicle, check out this review of the certified pre-owned program offered by Jaguar. It explains the warranty program for the manufacturer; how old the certified pre-owned vehicles are, and other benefits you can expect from the manufacturer's certified pre-o

How to Use an Automotive Purchasing Agent for Buying a New Car

Many car buyers cringe at the thought of negotiating with a salesperson. Too often this means hours of back and forth as the salesperson says, "Let me ask my manager" yet again, then returns with, "No, we can't do that." An automotive purchasing agent keeps you out of the pressure cooker by making t

Instructions on How to Use a Tow Strap

Road emergencies are often unpredictable and inconvenient. The consequences of these emergencies are then exacerbated when you don't have the proper equipment or knowledge to alleviate the problem. If your car is stuck or unable to run, you may have to tow it using a tow strap. Tow straps are danger

Buying a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

The 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix is a four door-sedan with room for five people. The vehicles comes with a standard V6 engine and gets an average of 29 miles per gallon. As of January 2011, lists an average retail used price of $4,582 and a resale value starting at $1,817. Purchasing a use

Citation II Specs

The Cessna Citation II was a light twin-engine jet aircraft produced by the Cessna Aircraft Co. between 1977 and 1997. The jet was a direct development from the original Citation I. It was powered by two Pratt & Whitney JTI 5D-4 turbofan engines. The model was replaced by the Citation...