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How to Troubleshoot a Carburetor Backfire

Carburetor backfire can occur from time to time, and can be annoying. Generally a loud noise, which sounds like an explosion, is expelled from the carburetor, while the engine is idle or after the car has just been shut off. This can be caused by various malfunctions such as improperly adjusted carb

Facts on Wholesale Cars

When thinking about purchasing a new car, there are several points to consider. One option that many individuals choose is to buy a car through a wholesale auto broker. Wholesale auto brokers are a good resource for both new and used cars. Brokers have lower operating costs because they usually do n

Federal Auto Auction

Finding a good deal on a used car is getting harder and harder these days. The prices that dealerships want are astronomical for what you actually get. There is an alternative to all this craziness though and it is a federal auto auction.

What Does "As Is No Warranty" on a Used Car Mean?

A vehicle that is sold "as is" or with no warranty is just that: no repairs will be covered by the selling dealer. The buyer is responsible for any flaws or repairs after the sale. This notice is often found on the FTC sticker, a notice required of dealers under the Federal Trade Commission's Used C

Tips on Using Detailing Spray

Detailing spray, which can be found at any automotive supply store, is made to use on any type of vehicle. It can help make your already clean vehicle shine or quickly clean a slightly dirty vehicle without having to use soap or water. There are several ways to use detailing spray and a few ways you

How to Tie a Square Knot to Attach a Clasp

A square knot has been used for hundreds of years by sailors onboard ships. These knots are useful for anchoring objects and securing parts of the boat. However, it is not an extremely strong knot. A square knot will come apart due to excessive movement or force, so do not use a square knot to hold

How to Buy a Pre-Owned Car

A pre-owned car, also called a used or secondhand car, is a car that has been previously owned by someone else. Buying a used car is sometimes the best and cheapest way to own a vehicle. Used cars are sold in many different ways, including through a brand-name dealership (for example, Honda, Toyot

How to Install Wolo Powerhouse Airhorns

The Wolo Powerhouse airhorn is a 120 decibel dual-trumpet exterior horn that you mount on the roof of your vehicle. It is powered by its own compressor, which you connect to your car's electrical system. You can use the separate switch included with the horn to sound it or you can hook it up to your

The Benefit of Hiring a Chauffeur in London

To many people hiring a chauffeur is an unnecessary expense. But there are actually a number of good reasons why a chauffeur is the best possible way of travelling around, especially in a big city a l

Prom Night Transportation

A limo is an awesome way to see the city on your prom night. Limo companies look forward to prom season every year, and prom limos are a huge part of their business. Use this article as your Prom nigh

Advertising Ideas for Cars

The main strategies for advertising and selling a car hinge on proper preparation, planning, diversification, uniqueness and coverage. Knowing the market and where your car fits in that market will help you make a sale.

Government Auction Cars - Finding the Best Cars at the Best Prices

Used vehicles that are reliable are sometimes hard to find, plus they usually end up costing you an arm and a leg to get them. If you're on a tight budget and don't want to spend your hard earned money on a lemon, government auction cars is the ticket.

Government Auto Auctions Are Truly Amazing

If you have seen advertisements extolling the value of bidding at government auto auctions you will no doubt wonder whether it is possible to get your next vehicle at these auctions at rock bottom prices. Is it, you may wonder, possible to drive off in a car that barely cost you any money? The truth

The Best Way to Retrofit a BMW 328i With Bluetooth

Adding Bluetooth capability to your BMW will not only provide you with the convenience of being able to talk to your contacts hands-free, but it also allows you to be legal in some states where hand-free devices are now a requirement in vehicles. Your BMW may have already been pre-wired for phone ac

Buy Automotive Engine Tools and Engine Service Stand

Owing a car makes every car owner feel self-importance and keeping it in good condition is what they love to do. But keeping care not means just to focus on the car shine, proper maintenance ...

How to Program a Smart Key for a Mercedes

Smart keys are similar to keyless entry key fobs that come standard with many vehicles. Mercedes-Benz smart keys allow you to keep your key in your pocket, handbag or elsewhere on your person when unlocking and locking your doors. One of the biggest benefits of the smart key is that you don't need t

Negotiating Tips When Buying a New Car

Don't let a car salesman take you for a ride when you're trying to buy a car. Learn some helpful car negotiation tips with this article.

Auto Auction Savings and Success

One way to save money on a used vehicle is to find a government auction. As with any auction it's a little risky but in most cases the risk pays off.