How to Program a SRX Keyless Entry

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How to Install a Stereo in a 1997 Toyota Corolla

The 1997 Toyota Corolla did not have the stereo options that a later model has available. The factory installed stereo is either a CD player or cassette deck. To upgrade the sound system in your Corolla with a more powerful and capable stereo, you will need to remove the stock deck and connect the s

How to Attach a Truck Tool Box

Attaching a truck tool box allows you to organize your tools in a secure location, without cluttering the cab of your truck. Truck tool boxes are made of either metal or plastic. Each type attaches to your truck cab differently: Metal tool boxes use a J-bolt that clamps the tool box to your truck be

Car Audio Systems - The Amateur Guide

The world is in continuous change, and car receivers don't make an exception from this rule. The receivers today feature a lot of applications, so you must know the purpose for which you will use ...

How to Troubleshoot an Edge CTS

The Edge Color Touch Screen (CTS) is an aftermarket product that is used to program specific functions of your vehicle. The device is designed to operate within the OEM calibrations that were set by the manufacturer. Updating the device is done by connecting it to your computer and using the intern

How to Properly Secure a Car With a Tow Dolly

You can properly secure a car with a tow dolly and take it anywhere you want to use it. Many people attach a tow dolly to the trailer hitch of an RV to bring a car along for a vacation. Dollies are also often used to tow a car behind a rented moving truck. A dolly makes it easy to remove a car for u

Installing a Sony CD Changer

A Sony compact disc (CD) changer holds up to 12 CDs and connects to the rear of the stereo receiver. You need basic knowledge about the vehicle in which the CD changer will be installed, as well as some understanding of how to wire car audio equipment to complete this task. The store where you purch

How to Replace the Fan Control Panel on My 1988 Nissan Pathfinder

The fan control panel, also known as the A/C unit, of your 1998 Nissan Pathfinder is the device that allows you to control the temperature and power of the air conditioning in your vehicle. If you need to replace the A/C unit, you can do so by simply removing the A/C unit's fasteners, pulling the un

Programming Instructions for the Remote Fob on an Acura MDX

Keyless entry and remote start devices have become popular standard and aftermarket options for car owners around the world since the 1990s. The Acura MDX is among the many Acura cars equipped with keyless remote capabilities, and allows owners to remotely start their car, control their locks and po

Instructions for Radio Removal Tools for a Ford Ranger

Owners of Ford vehicles have it easy when removing their factory radio. Most Ford cars and trucks (including the Ranger) only require simple radio hook tools (sometimes called "U" hooks) to remove the radio. You can purchase these tools at a Ford dealer or at many automotive sound shops. In contrast

DVD Players Are Nothing New

When the DVD players first came on the market, they took the World by storm since they were a huge step forward from the VCR players. The DVD movies came with crystal clear picture and sound and gave us the option to jump to any part of the movie with a single click rather than waiting for ages for

How to Install a Car Audio DVD System

DVD systems in a vehicle can be a blessing, especially if you have children and are going on a long trip. You can choose from a wide variety of DVD players. There are flip-screen DVD players, LCD screen, or in-dash players; choose the one that fits your car and your family's lifestyle. Not only

How to Remove a CD Stuck in a Honda CR-V

If you own a Honda CR-V you may have experienced problems with the car's stereo system. One common issue involves the stereo's CD input. At times, CDs can get stuck in the CD drive and will not eject when you press the eject button. Fortunately, there is a method that you can use to manually eject C

How to Operate an Audi Navigation System

Audis have lots of convenient features, and the navigation system is one of them. Over the years, Audi's navigation systems have evolved from a simple GPS to an integrated multimedia or infotainment system. The system is simple to use and can help any driver find a way to get from here to there.

How to Troubleshoot a Switch Blade Key Remote on a 2006 Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 features a keyless entry system that utilizes a switchblade key. These feature retractable keys that are attached to two or three button remotes, and the remotes can be used to activate your door locks, trunk release and panic alarm. If your key remote has stopped working, you can troubl

How to Upgrade a Mercedes Radio to a Satellite Radio

Mercedes-Benz owners who wish to install satellite radio into their vehicle have two options: You can replace the factory installed stereo deck with a head unit capable of receiving satellite radio service, or you can connect an external satellite radio receiver. The add-on receiver is the least exp

How to Install a Car Stereo & Subwoofers

Car owners who wish to create a powerful car stereo system have various approaches from which to choose. The keys to a capable system are power and clarity. The usual arrangement of factory car stereos includes a slightly powered stereo head unit delivering a signal to speakers with a limited range.