How to Change a Existing Car Stereo System

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Best Songs about Cars

When you turn on the radio in your car and hear a song that is actually about a car, does it make you feel a certain way? Like you are probably doing the same thing ...

How to Install a Stereo in a Pontiac Grand Prix

The sporty Pontiac Grand Prix has been around for generations and many of the older cars are ready for a new stereo. Installing a new stereo in the Pontiac Grand Prix allows you to add options like subwoofers and iPod docks. Swapping out the stereo in the Grand Prix requires removal of several large

Why Would You Select An Alpine Car Stereo

A good car stereo system is a marvel to listen to, like a poorly built car stereo system is such a pity to look at. The price is an enormous factor, but not all costly hardware perform well if put in haphazardly, or if hooked up with incompatible hardware. It's also subjective, just as some of

How to Disarm a Hyundai Sonata OEM Alarm

The Hyundai Sonata remote key fob controls the locking and alarm system for your vehicle. The fob is a wireless transmitter that is used as a key chain for your ignition key and has three buttons: lock, unlock and a panic button that will sound the car alarm. Using this wireless transmitter and your

How to Determine What Is a Good Price When Buying a Car

If you are in the market for a new car, and have been researching prices, you probably know that prices for the same car can vary from dealership to dealership. What you pay for your new vehicle could be a lot more or a lot less than what someone else might pay. By doing a little research on what a

Connecting Your iPod To An Older Vehicle

Many newer vehicles come with options allowing you to connect your iPod or iPhone directly to your entertainment system. Commonly known as an iPod dock, this allows you listen to your favourite tunes while driving ...

What Is Low Balling the Price When Buying Car?

Car dealers are often stereotyped as tricky and dishonest, and the car buying experience is viewed as an adversarial contest between the customer and salesperson. While it's not always that way, there are some dishonest dealerships and salespeople who will use unethical practices to sell their cars.

How to Install a Car Alarm in a Ford Taurus

Installing an alarm system in a Ford Taurus takes patience and knowledge of car electrical systems. You can add additional options like remote start or a security paging system with more complex alarm kits as well. Placing the control module behind the stereo in a Ford Taurus makes this an especial

Advantages of Car Alarm Installation

Auto audio installation, car stereo installation, car alarm installation, GPS navigation, etc. has become important for the better driving experience; however, these jobs must be done by the experienced and skilled professionals for better outputs. ...

What Characterizes a Bad Car Audio System

The average car audio system knows very little about the in and outs o the audio system market.Therefore they are at a great disadvantage and are often taken advantage of by companies and sales people who are looking after their own wallets instead of what is best for the customer.There are several

How to Change Terminals on My Car

Changing battery cable terminals should be the last resort. Modern wiring harnesses have integrated battery cables, and are not simple or inexpensive to replace. The battery cable ends are made of a lead and antimony alloy, are very resistant corrosion, and in many cases, can be repaired. In all cas

How to Remove a Radio From a 1993 Silverado Pickup

The 1993 Chevrolet Silverado had an interesting stereo setup. The factory radio was mounted next to the speedometer gauges, and an optional tape deck was located on the middle of the dashboard. This configuration was good for Chevrolet because it made installing aftermarket stereos more difficult. F

How to Install a Car A/C Compressor

Automotive air conditioning compressors use an engine-driven pulley to circulate freon through the A/C system. These compressors require internal lubricant that can leak or wear out, damaging the compressor. Fixing this is not difficult, and the average backyard mechanic can replace a broken compres

How to Remove the Radio From a 1990 Acura Legend

The Acura Legend has a complicated dash setup. When removing the stock radio from the Legend, you must disassemble and remove the center console. This is unlike most other vehicles, where, in most cases, the radio can be accessed with the removal of a single panel. It's not difficult to remove the r

How To Use A Car Gps Navigation Dvd Player

GPS Navigation is so popular in the car electronics market nowadays, more and more cars have installed these devices. It is not difficult to have a GPS device, when we have one unit, we should have a brief realization on it.

Vehicles for Warfighters - Buying, Selling, Shipping

A military life is, both by necessity and by design, a disciplined and focused one, as well as unadorned with many material goods. In all times and countries, part of what has fed a soldier's ...

How to Get a CD Player out of a 2003 Chevy Cavalier

The 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier comes equipped with an in-dash CD player. The stock player provides an adequate level of sound quality to the factory speakers. Cavalier owners, who choose to add speakers or upgrade their speakers to more capable aftermarket models will likely need to augment their stere