How to Change a Existing Car Stereo System

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How to Hook Up an HD Radio to Your Car

HD radio is a digital audio and data service delivered by your local FM radio stations. There are generally two parts to an HD installation: the head unit, which is often installed at the factory and provides the controls, and the radio itself, which connects to the head unit. The HD radio is an opt

Word Drop 2.8 For The Iphone A User Review

Word Drop is a unique and interesting word-finding game that contains certain elements of both Scrabble and Boggle. It’s challenging and addictive, and provides a fun and entertaining way of passing the time.

How to Wire a Radio in a 1990 BMW 535

The 1990 BMW 535 came with a factory-installed radio with an AM/FM receiver and cassette player. Owners now have many choices in formats of car entertainment available, with aftermarket options including MP3 players, DVD players, satellite navigation and mobile phone connections. BMW 5 series owners

Get The Best Car Gps Device For Your Car

The best feature about the GPS navigation system is that it can be customized and thus made easy to operate. For instance, you can save the address and the route of a particular place which you visit very often thereby the navigation system will be able to respond to it even better.

The King of Music - The Car MP3 Player

The king of the music scene, the MP3 player, is a gadget that can be used anywhere, including the car. There are a number of ways you can connect your iPod, through a car MP3 stereo, an FM transmitter or a tape deck. All of these work, but like any technology have a number of disadvantages and advan

How to Build a Bandpass Box Speaker

In its simplest form, a bandpass box speaker is a compound enclosure with two chambers. The dividing surface between the chambers holds the loudspeaker/driver; typically, the other chamber is ported (round) or vented (square or rectangular). This type of speaker box is called a 4th order bandpass sp

How to Set a Clock on a 2003 Chevy Tracker

The 2003 Chevrolet Tracker's radio has a built-in digital clock, like many other vehicles. You may need to set the clock after battery replacement (this often resets the clock), or update the time after daylight savings changes. The Tracker's clock can be adjusted with or without the key in the igni

How do I Replace the Stereo in a Cadillac SRX?

The Cadillac SRX comes equipped with an AM/FM stereo deck with a built-in CD player. The head unit is a double DIN deck, which means that you can install a head unit of a similar size or a single DIN stereo with spacers. Choose the new stereo that matches your car audio needs and budget. Once you ha

How to Install a Car's Graphic Equalizer

A graphic equalizer is a device that allows you to customize the level for different audio frequencies. You can alter base, treble and mids. Some equalizers allow you to alter a number of frequencies and others allow you to alter fewer. Connecting a graphic equalizer is fairly simple to do and made

8-Car DVD Kit Player Portable Toshiba

Hi! Are you thinking about getting an 8-car DVD Kit Player Portable by Toshiba? Well, then you might want to know a little about it.It has an 8-inch LCD display, it comes with DivX built inside, and it can handle both WMA and MP3.You might also notice the on-screen menus that come in multi-languages

Eye-sight Qualities In Women

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Reputed Locksmiths

The locksmiths in Las Vegas are well known for their reputation and capability. They not only know how to install a lock but they also know how to put in such a mechanism that when a burglar tries to open the lock he will leave some kind of tool and clue which will indicate that the lock has been ta

Instructions for the Kenwood UBZ-LF48

The Kenwood UBZ models of stereo systems are equipped with security code capabilities that allow you to add extra safety to your player. The code is set standard on the system, and you can access your player by first bypassing the code on the home screen.

Installing an Amplifier in a Car

Amplifier is an essential component of car stereo system without which the system will not be perfect. Amplifier is also necessary to power subwoofers. But installing an amplifier in a car is a skilled job.

How to Replace the Battery in a Chevy Camaro

From 1962 to 2002, the Chevy Camaro held a place in the American car scene, delivering enthusiasts a fun, high-performance vehicle or a good family car. From turbo-charged to convertibles editions, the Camaro was a hit and will be again with the release of the new 2009 model. Some models had a flat-

How to Replace a Cadillac Valet Key

Valet keys are common features on many vehicles. These keys can be synced to your Cadillac in just seconds from your driver's seat. Once synced, the valet key is used to start your engine, and only a programmed key will be able to engage the ignition. The keys are also known as chip keys and transpo

How to Replace My Dodge Ram 1500 Radio Antenna

A faulty antenna on a Dodge Ram 1500 truck may fail to receive radio signals effectively and cause the radio to produce unclear broadcasts. Replacing the antenna is straightforward. The antenna screws on to its base, and wiring connects the antenna base to the radio.

How to Install Car Stereo Equipment

When installing stereo equipment in your car, truck or SUV, choose a system that meets your needs and budget. Once you have chosen the components, decide how you will have them installed. Consider the cost of having a car stereo professional remove your old stereo and install the new unit. You will

How To Improve Your Driving Experience

With busy roads, your partner shouting at you telling you you’re going the wrong way and the kids messing about in the back, car journeys can become stressful, tiresome and joyless.So why not improve the driving experience by investing in a few practical and entertaining gadgets, which will ke