How to Change a Existing Car Stereo System

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Escort Passport 9500i Radar and Laser Detector

If you would like to feel safer then you should get a radar detector. When getting a radar detector there is a lot you need to take into account, but if you want one of the most trusted radar and laser detectors out there you need to check out the escort passport radar detector.

How to Reset the Radio Code for the Audi Delta CC

Changing the battery in your Audi vehicle can sometimes cause the word "Safe" to appear on the audio systems panel display screen. This message indicates the vehicle's anti-theft feature has been engaged. You will be unable to operate your radio until a four-digit security code is entered. Resetting

How to Install Car Audio Equalizer and Amplifiers

Car stereo enthusiasts covet a sound system that is powerful and precise. Stereo system power is increased by adding speakers and stereo decks, but adding an aftermarket amplifier is the surest way to boost the signal from a stock or aftermarket stereo head unit. Precision in a car stereo means havi

How to Wire a Clarion CD Player

Electronics manufacturer Clarion produces a range of aftermarket car stereos. These stereos contain the latest features, allowing the car owner to customize their sound system and keep it up to date with the latest technology. Installing a Clarion CD player requires adapting the car wiring and radio

How to Design Subwoofer Enclosure Plans

Creating a plan for your subwoofer is essential if you want to ensure having the right amount of material for the job. Taking the time to plan out the box helps make sure it will fit in the space you have selected before you build it and that it will fit through the trunk opening or back door of you

How to Troubleshoot a Murano CD Player

Nissan's Murano crossover utility vehicle has sophisticated entertainment options, including auxiliary input jacks on the rear of the center console for back seat passengers to plug in music players. The cars can handle the latest iPods and also play music files from CompactFlash cards. The entertai

2005 Malibu Radio Installation

Chevy offers a standard AM/FM stereo unit with a built-in CD player in the 2005 Malibu. Optional stereo units are available, including multi-disc CD changers. Malibu owners who desire a car stereo system with more power and greater capability can find a suitable aftermarket head unit for their vehic

How to Install a Stereo in a 2001 Chevy Blazer

The 2001 Chevy Blazer comes equipped with an AM/FM stereo with single-disc in-dash CD player. The options for the Blazer include CD changers, MP3 players and stereos capable of playing satellite radio programming. Installing a new aftermarket stereo yourself is a viable option. The Blazer does not r

Mounting Kit Instructions for a Sears Rooftop Carrier

Sears Car Top Carriers mount on a SportRack Roof Rack System. The system can vary depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle being outfitted for a carrier, so consult the system's application charts prior to purchase to ensure you buy the right components for your vehicle. Once installed,

How to Locate the Source of Static in Car Speakers

There are several possible causes of static in car stereo speakers. Blown speakers, interference from other devices, poor signal strength, or objects pressed against one of your speakers can cause static. You can isolate the cause of speaker static with a few quick troubleshooting steps.

Importance of Personal Navigation Devices

Prior to the invention of the global positioning system, individuals were forced to rely on atlas books to guide them to their destinations. Although they may appear to be luxuries, personal navigation systems are practically essential for operation in today's society.

Best Smartphone 2012The War Is On

The best smartphone 2012 are available to choose. Be it the top brand Samsung or Apple as a user you have a variety to choose from to match your taste.

How to Install a Radio in a 1989 Ford F-150 Truck

The F-150 -- the most popular amongst the F-series lineup -- did not arrive until 1975, despite the F-series itself arriving in 1948. The F-150's popularity took Ford by surprise, and nine years later the automaker eliminated the F-100 and set the F-150 as its base pickup. The 1989 F-150 featured an

How do I Work the Sat Nav on an Audi A8?

Since 2004, Audi has been offering their full-size A8 luxury sedan with satellite navigation via their MMI console. The MMI, which stands for Multi Media Interface, combines navigation, Bluetooth, radio and climate control in one streamlined interface. To program you navigation route, you will need

How to Remove the Radio in a 2006 Infiniti M35

There are two primary reasons for removing the existing radio from your Infiniti M35. You may wish to replace the existing malfunctioning factory radio with a factory replacement model, or you may want to replace the existing radio with an aftermarket radio that features higher power output and othe

Removing A Double DIN

Are you looking for easy tips on how to remove your car's stereo? Then look no further! Be it a double DIN or a single din, you can do it in just 5 easy steps. If you want to know more, then you should read this article.

Installation of Satellite Radio

Installing a portable satellite docking station allows you to listen to satellite radio in your vehicle. Unlike dedicated satellite tuners that require professional installation or in-dash satellite ready radios, a portable docking station satellite receiver installs quickly in any vehicle without a