How to Program a SRX Keyless Entry

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The Car Audio Electronic Systems

The hardest part of this process is the decision of what to add, what kind, and everything that regards with this car audio system. There are several stores that are specialized with the car audio systems, you can visit these stores and see what are the possible add on audios that you are about to i

How to Remove a Hyundai Elantra Car Stereo System

The Elantra is Hyundai's entry-level sedan. Like many other entry-level vehicles, it comes with a no-frills stereo system. Removing the Hyundai Elantra's car stereo allows you to upgrade the system with an aftermarket unit. The Elantra's stereo is a single-DIN unit attached to a storage compartment,

Car Sound System Tips

The right car sound system is one of the best perks of any vehicle.autoradio 2 image by Nathalie P from Fotolia.comIf it takes you more than 20 minutes to drive to work every day, you're aware of how useful and entertaining a good car sound system can be. Amidst the loud, blaring horns as...

How to Enter the Radio Code In a 2001 Acura TL

The radio in your 2001 Acura TL will lock down once the power is cut to the radio unit. This is a protective feature of your Acura's radio that helps to prevent its unauthorized use. Once the battery has been disconnected, you'll need a radio code that was provided to you by your Acura dealer. If yo

How to Get a Quality Cheap Car Audio Speaker

There are over 12 categories of car audio speakers to choose from. They come in all kinds of brands and you can view them on the internet. Many cheap car audio speakers can be viewed on sites dedicated to car audio products.

How do I Disable an Alpine 8426A Car Alarm?

Alpine is a common brand of car alarm system that can be programmed almost universally to many car models. Whatever the make or manufacturer of the automobile, you can usually control the Alpine alarm with a handheld remote. If your remote is not working on the 8426A alarm, you can disable the alarm

How To Program Multiple Honda Transponder Keys

The same instructions for programming your Honda remote entry keys apply across several years and several models. Therefore, one set of instructions likely meets your remote access key programming needs. Note that when you enter the programming mode, the car loses all memory of prior remotes. Theref

What Is Rms Power in Speakers?

RMS is an abbreviation for Root Mean Squared. RMS power provides a calculation of the continuous power output that a set of stereo speakers can withstand without becoming damaged.

Compatibility Of Speaker and Amplifier

As soon as a person purchases the vehicle music system is the one thing that everyone makes sure is installed in the first place and along with it comes the car amplifier and speakers. It ...

How to Install a Galaxy Remote Car Starter

Installing a Galaxy remote car starter is not easy, and you should have both mechanical and basic electrical skills to perform a proper installation. Carefully follow the remote car starter instructions, so that the computer system in the vehicle and the remote car starter are not damaged. Place wir

How to Remove the Factory Radio From an 07 Dodge Ram

The 2007 Dodge Ram truck comes with a variety of factory installed stereo units. For Ram owners who desire a stereo sound system above and beyond what is offered by GM, an aftermarket head unit is often the answer. Before installing the aftermarket deck you must first remove and disconnect the facto

What Is the Stand Alarm Feature in Bikes?

Motorcycles are less protected from theft than cars due to their light weight. Thieves may be able to lift the bike and steal it even without picking a lock. A stand alarm detects movement of the motorcycle and sets off an audible alarm.

Headrest DVD---A Great Device behind You

The headrest DVD is an effective and ultimate solution for your specific needs. Since you are the driver, you can’t enjoy this device. Who will use it? Your family and friends are the ones to ...

How to Program a Remote for a 2002 Ford Taurus

Keyless entry has become a feature drivers have come to find it hard to live without. The 2002 Ford Taurus came equipped with standard keyless entry on all models except for the base LX trim level. Every other 2002 Taurus, including the SE and SES, came with a keyless remote package. If you have to

How to Remove 1998 Ford Explorer Radio

The need to remove the factory radio in the 1998 Ford Explorer may arise for a variety of reasons. Any repairs or upgrades necessary for the stock radio require that you first remove the radio. Adding any external (or peripheral) components such as satellite radio receivers, Mp3 players, or DVD play

Car Mildew Removal

Water that has penetrated into your car, from an open window or a leak, can cause mildew odors to occur. Once mildew odors are detected, the interior of the car will need to be cleaned to prevent additional mold from occurring. Removing mildew from your car can be done by first determining where in

4 Tips For Buying a Car DVD System

Who would of thought that someday our vehicles would become full blown portable entertainment centers? Impossible it may have seemed a couple of decades ago, but these days there are plenty of options for keeping passengers entertained while on the road. If you are a parent looking to purchase a car

How to Program a Key Fob for a 2001 Venture Van

Keyless entry systems allow you to use a wireless handheld remote control, in key fob form, to control a number of your car's security features. On vehicles like the 2001 Chevrolet Venture van, you can use the remote fob to unlock your doors from a distance, sound your panic alarm to draw attention