How to Program a SRX Keyless Entry

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How to Remove a Stock Radio From a 2004 Hyundai Elantra

Changing out the stereo in your car used to be an arduous task, with lots of wire probing and testing until you got everything connected correctly. Now, aftermarket vehicle-specific wiring harnesses and dash kits make installing a new deck in your car even easier. In this case, the project vehicle i

How to Change Radios in a 2006 Chevy Impala

The radio in a 2006 Chevy Impala mounts in the center of the dash for easy access by the driver and front passenger. Many people decide to upgrade their radio after purchasing the Impala. Others who have a malfunction in the radio face replacing it under less desirable circumstances. Most auto-sound

How to Find the AUX on a Kenwood Car Stereo

AUX, which is a short form of the word "auxiliary," is a setting used on a variety of electronics, including Kenwood stereos. Using the AUX setting is useful for plugging in MP3 players and other sound devices when listening to music on an automobile's speakers is desired.

How to Open the Hatch on a 2002 Acura RSX Type S

The Acura RSX replaced the Integra and was offered as an entry-level, two-door sport hatchback from 2002 to 2006. During its four year lifespan, the RSX was available in two models: base and Type-S. The 2002 year base model produced 160 horsepower while the Type-S generated 200 horsepower. Opening t

How to Hook Up a Car Amplifier & Capacitor

Hooking up an automobile's amplifier and capacitor can be done in fewer than 30 minutes. A capacitor stores power for the amplifier so that during heavy power consumption the stereo will not drain the car's battery. Capacitors are usually used only when adding high-powered subwoofers to an audio ins

How to Remove the Radio From a Subaru Outback Legacy

The radio (head unit) on a Subaru Outback Legacy is mounted in the dash just above the center console. If your factory-equipped radio is broken, you may wish to replace it. In addition, aftermarket companies offer direct-fit replacement head units for better sound quality or so you can play an MP3 p

How to Remove an Eclipse Car Radio

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is available with several factory radio configurations, including the popular Rockford Fosgate stereo and the base-model Mitsubishi stereo. Whichever radio your Eclipse has, the process of removing it is the same for all third-generation models (2006 to 2010). The Eclipse radi

The Help of Buick Lacrosse DVD Player

What would like to do when you are driving your Buick Lacrosse, just driving, that's too nervous; talk to your friend by phone, that too dangerous, play music, it needs to change CD; listen to ...

Problems With a Toyota Smart Key

Smart keys used with Toyota vehicles are electronic devices that allow car owners to unlock, lock and start vehicles without the need of a standard key and key-entry process. The keys emit a radio frequency that is picked up by a vehicle antenna. When the vehicle senses the device is in...

How to Set the Clock on a Pioneer DEH-P3600 Car Stereo

The Pioneer DEH-P3600 is a midrange offering in Pioneer's popular DEH car stereo lineup. The DEH-P3600 provides the standard 50 watts of power to four speakers, with features such as a 3-band parametric equalizer with four presets and independent front and rear control of the bass and treble. The st

Python Car Alarm Information

A car represents a financial investment of thousands of dollars. To protect this investment from theft or vandalism, car alarms and security systems are installed either at the time of purchase or as an aftermarket product. Python car alarm systems address the concerns of car owners by incorporating

Citroen C5 Car Dvd Gps Navigation

Citroen C5 Car DVD radio features built-in USB/SD port. The Citroen C5 is a small vehicle made by French automaker Citroen. The factory made very little modification since the Citroen C5 launched onto the market. But it still gives us a fresh look and appeals to us.

My Plug in Baby - Plug in Car Audio iPod Solutions

Long ago, there was a time before the iPod where you could only listen to your music in your car from the radio, a CD and even - the cassette! Since then, times have luckily moved on. We now can listen to our entire music collection from a small but handy device - the Mp3 player, which can be attach

How to Remove the Armrest in a 94 Sierra

The armrests in the 1994 GMC Sierra are attached to the door panel. However, the armrests are not permanently attached to the panel. They can be detached when you want to replace them or when you want to remove the door panel from the Sierra. The procedure for removing the armrest in the Sierra is t

How to Change a Existing Car Stereo System

A vehicle set-up is a overall straightforward operation that you can most likely do yourself without problems. But, a few automobile types must have particular tools to detach or position car stereos, so be certain that you are aware of what you must have before you commence a set-up.

Going Digital in 2010 With The Car Audio Digital Media Player

We've seen the FM radio, the tape player, the CD player and now - the Digital media player. New for 2010 is the Digital media player which plays solely your digital media - meaning there's no need for CDs any longer as it includes an Mp3/iPod dock instead of a CD player.

How to Disarm a Viper Car Alarm

A car alarm is a practical invention that helps protect your car from theft. But, as useful as an alarm can be, there are common situations when you'll need to disable the system. Viper is one popular car alarm maker. The manufacturer offers more than one method for disabling the alarm.

How To Select The Best Auto Parts Online

The effects of the weather and our own driving habits will eventually put strain as well as signs of wear and tear on our auto parts. Faulty or improper auto parts can directly affect the performance of the vehicle and sometimes it may also lead to unrecoverable damages.

How to Buy an In Dash DVD Player

Are you tired of waiting someone in the car? Is there nothing to do when you are stuck in the car? Why not buy an in dash DVD player to erase all of the boring ...