How to Program a SRX Keyless Entry

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Car Amplifier Basics You Must Know

Car amplifiers are getting cheaper and many car enthusiasts are looking forward to get their own car amplifier. This article explains the basic information about car amplifiers.

Points To Consider While Selecting A Car Audio System

Choosing the right audio system for your car is very important to get the most out of your long drive pleasure. We are experts in Car audio installation & have all of the products we believe in and rely on to provide you with reliable and quality service.

How Do I Locate the Radio Code for a 1995 BMW 318i?

The 1995 318i is powered by a four-cylinder engine and is part of the E36 generation of the BMW 3 Series. As such, it is also a BMW that was made after the company began equipping the stereos in its cars with programmable radio codes, a tradition that began in 1990. If the radio, or the car itself,

How to Remove the Stereo From a Citroen Xsara

The available factory stereos for a Citroen Xsara had many features, but none of them as complicated or advanced as the aftermarket models available today. New features include amplifier pre-outs, sound processors, and even navigation. You can add these features and more to your Xsara, which will ad

How to Find a Good Car Audio Fitter

You've got the car audio system of your dreams - now all you need is a car audio installer. But wait! You don't want just anyone to install your precious new car audio system - ...

How to Program a 2001 GMC Jimmy Key Fob

You can program a new key fob to your 2001 GMC Jimmy using the system's user-programming mode. The key fob is also known as a keyless entry remote; it's part of the GMC Jimmy's keyless entry system. You can't program an aftermarket key fob to the Jimmy, nor can you program a key fob that isn't made

For Good Travelling A Car DVD Player Might Be the Best Solution

If you have problems travelling long distance either by yourself - or maybe if you have some small kids on the back seat - then you might greatly benefit from a car DVD player. This small apparatus will greatly help you on long trips ensuring that your passengers have a good time while you drive all

How to Test the Keyless Entry Transmitter in an Accord

If your Honda Accord has a keyless entry system, you will need to use the wireless transmitter to utilize it. This transmitter has buttons to lock, unlock and open the trunk of your Accord. You can test the Accord transmitter by going through the system's programming instructions to make sure it has

How do I Reset a Keyless Entry on a '96 MB E320?

The Mercedes Benz E320 is among the many vehicles from the manufacturer that are equipped with keyless entry capabilities. You can program the remotes for these systems yourself in just minutes from your car. Once they are reset, you will be able to access your door locks remotely, activate your tru

How to Remove the Stereo From an Audi TT

The Audi TT is a compact and luxurious European sports coupe with a stylish interior, made of suede upholstery. The stereo of the TT is located at the center console inside the vehicle. The 2010 Audi TT is equipped with a Bose stereo that is easy to remove with the simple use of European release key

How to Change the Time on a Ford Mustang Car Clock

Setting the time and date on the car clock of your Ford Mustang will depend on the specific model and year of your vehicle. Older models from the 1980s and 1990s that are still in popular use generally have "H" and "M" buttons that are used to set the hours and minutes on the car clock. More recent

How to Install a Radio in a Monte Carlo

Owners of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo have a variety of choices for their car stereo at the time of purchase. For those who have outgrown their factory-installed stereo deck, a wide range of aftermarket radios are available for replacement. Choose the aftermarket deck that suits your car audio prefere

How to Program an Acura Tl Keyless Entry

The Acura TL's keyless entry system is user-programmable in 1997 to 2006 models. On 2007 and newer models, the remotes must be programmed at the dealership. A working remote is not necessary to enter the transmitter programming mode, unlike on many other vehicles. Use a genuine Acura key fob for the

Purchase Online Most Affordable & Best Car Audio With Dvd

Plan to go for a ride in a beautiful moment of your car and without the music ... sounds incomplete. Complete with car audio with DVD and other accessories online reservation will be charged. Concerned about the cost! Do not worry about wider access for service providers and sele

How to Program a Key Fob for a 2001 Venture Van

Keyless entry systems allow you to use a wireless handheld remote control, in key fob form, to control a number of your car's security features. On vehicles like the 2001 Chevrolet Venture van, you can use the remote fob to unlock your doors from a distance, sound your panic alarm to draw attention

4 Tips For Buying a Car DVD System

Who would of thought that someday our vehicles would become full blown portable entertainment centers? Impossible it may have seemed a couple of decades ago, but these days there are plenty of options for keeping passengers entertained while on the road. If you are a parent looking to purchase a car

Car Mildew Removal

Water that has penetrated into your car, from an open window or a leak, can cause mildew odors to occur. Once mildew odors are detected, the interior of the car will need to be cleaned to prevent additional mold from occurring. Removing mildew from your car can be done by first determining where in

How to Remove 1998 Ford Explorer Radio

The need to remove the factory radio in the 1998 Ford Explorer may arise for a variety of reasons. Any repairs or upgrades necessary for the stock radio require that you first remove the radio. Adding any external (or peripheral) components such as satellite radio receivers, Mp3 players, or DVD play