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How to Figure Sales Tax If You Have a Coupon in Missouri

A sales tax is imposed on items purchased from retail establishments. According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, the state's sales tax rate is 4.225 percent as of October 2010. Counties and cities in Missouri can implement local sales and use taxes but these decisions are rare and must be appr

What Is the Maximum Social Security Tax Withheld?

The Social Security tax makes up part of the payroll tax imposed on earned income. However, the Internal Revenue Service only applies the tax to a limited amount of your income. Any income over this limit is not subject to the Social Security tax.

How to Prevent an IRS Audit

If you want to avoid an audit by the IRS, there are several measures you can take. Remember to keep accurate records and have a system that allows you to store your business information and documents where they can be easily retrieved. Watch the amount of large money transfers because this can trig

Corporation Tax Self Assessment Tax Returns

To ensure you don't receive any penalties, your company should notify HMRC within 3 months of commencing trade - normally by completing form CT41G. Along with your accounts and tax computations, your corporation tax self-assessment return (CTSA) must be submitted to HMRC, although it is possibl

Tax Planning For The Year

There are many ways that people can minimize their taxes, but it often requires a certain degree of planning. Something that planning even need to take place during the and throughout the tax year itself. This article talks about a few ways that many people can minimize their overall tax burden by p

What Is Required at an IRS Audit?

If you've received notice that your tax returns are being audited, don't panic. If you bring the documents required by the IRS, the odds are far better that your audit will be as painless as possible.

India Tax Returns

India tax returns are used by all individuals who come under the taxable slab as prescribed by the Government of India in the end of every Financial Year.

How a Charitable Remainder Trust Avoids Capital Gains

Do you own a highly appreciated asset that produces little or no income? Are you selling your business? Are you highly compensated and looking to shelter more of your income? Put the charitable remain

Cosmetology Grants for Undocumented Students

Cosmetology programs qualify for grant funding -- some going to undocumented students. While government financial aid does not normally offer financial aid for undocumented students, exceptions exist. Certain eligible noncitizens may qualify for federal grants for cosmetology studies. Private schola

US Government Authorized Mileage Allowance for Tax Deductions

The Internal Revenue Service allows the deduction of expenses that relate to a taxpayer's profession or employment. Employees, independent contractors and sole proprietors who use a personal vehicle for business or work purposes can deduct a portion of automobile expenses. To qualify, your employer

Common Causes of IRS Tax Debt

No one wants to end up in a situation where they owe tax money to the IRS.The IRS is the most effective collections agency in the world.No one wants the IRS after them.With that in mind, here are some common ways taxpayers find themselves in trouble with the IRS.

Where to Get Help for Your Taxes?

Almost nobody likes doing taxes. The process can be very stressful. Therefore, sometimes it just makes sense to get some help with them. For tax return, you can get help from various resources, such as ...

More Tax Deduction Means Tax Reduction

Most commercial real estate owners are paying excess federal income taxes because they are not depreciating their property as quickly as they should. A cost segregation study allows property owners to