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How to Reduce an Electricity Bill With Solar Panels

Reducing your electricity bill by 90 percent might not be believable to some. With the invention and development of solar panels and solar energy, this dream can be a reality. Solar panels reduce your electricity bills in multiple ways. Solar panels not only provide cheaper electricity, but they als

Ways to Deal with Tax Debt

Dealing with tax debt quickly and with assistance from a tax attorney is important to regain your piece of mind and eliminate your outstanding tax issues.

Advance Child Tax Credit Payment

Definition of Advance Child Tax Credit Payment: In 2003 the Interal Revenue Service issued advanced payments for people who were eligible to claim the Child Tax Credit.

How to Determine the Tax on a Used Car

Each time you make a purchase, you are required to pay sales tax. Sales tax percentages differ from state to state. Depending on where you are purchasing the used car, the locality may also charge taxes. In this case, you must pay both state and local taxes on your purchase. When determining a final

How Are Property Taxes Calculated in Florida?

Local Florida governments are primarily funded through property taxes, based on an established rate, called a millage rate. In short, the assessed value of your home or business property, minus any applicable exemptions, is multiplied by the millage rate to determine your total property tax liabilit

Different Types of Rental Properties

Rental property owners use the rental market to make money by purchasing and holding different types of properties that tenants rent out. In many cases a property owner acts as landlord, paying off a mortgage loan and operating the property with income from rent payments. Landlords own all types of

What Happens If a Self-Employed Person Does Not Pay Social Security Taxes?

Businesses must file income tax returns and pay taxes on net income. Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes include Social Security and Medicare. Employees pay 4.2 percent in Social Security tax and 1.45 percent in Medicare tax in 2011; employers pay 6.2 percent for Social Security and 1.45 perce

Need of Professionals for Clearing Back Taxes

Every working professional face the issues of debt that can be avoided with the help of professional assistance. However, if the concerned person is unable to pay debt after the due date then strict a

Types of Income Taxes

There are several types of income taxes that help the government raise money to support its daily operations. These income taxes can affect income earned by individuals or corporations, and sometimes affects both. Taxes are collected each year in the U.S. by the Internal Revenue Service. Income taxe

How to Know if You Have to File Quarterly Taxes

Do you know whether or not you need to file quarterly taxes? Use these tips to find out if you are on track to satisfy your tax liability for the year or you may risk penalties for underpayment of taxes.

Why Are We Taxed? Where Does The Money Go?

A tax is a payment or more precisely a fee that is paid by businesses and individuals to the government. The taxes are usually paid in cash. The funds collected via taxation are usually used by the government to fund various public spending ventures. Let us have a look at the different reasons for w

How to Help Families Through Divorce Interventions

When two people with children divorce, it's not just about the couple severing their romantic and personal relationship. The divorce affects the entire family. It can be confusing and frightening for the children, creating feelings of resentment, depression, anxiety, fear and anger. If you are a fam

How to Get a Tax ID Number for Free

If you are starting a business, you are required to pay taxes on any money that the business makes. Since individuals use a Social Security number to file taxes, businesses also need a special tax ID number. The Internal Revenue Service is the organization that assigns business tax ID numbers, which

Pennsylvania Tax Enabling Act

Pennsylvania's Local Tax Enabling Act is a 34-page piece of legislation signed into law on Dec. 31, 1965. The Act comprises 23 sections and an appendix. Since its implementation, the act has been amended and revised a number of times; these actions resulted in various repeals of and additions to the

Property Taxes Information

Property taxes are charged to a landowner according to the value of the property he owns. Revenues from a rate tax system vary according to changes in property value. Levies, by contrast, are debts sold for revenue and guaranteed by taxpayers, so their revenue remains relatively constant.