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Can I Claim Contributions to a VUL on My Taxes?

A VUL is a variable universal life insurance policy. These are investment policies sold by life insurance companies. The policy combines elements of insurance and investing. However, even though these policies are sometimes used to supplement retirement income, they are not retirement accounts. The

List of Common Federal Taxes

The U.S. government collects a variety of taxes in order to fund the military, afford social programs and maintain infrastructure with an estimated $2.381 trillion in revenue collected in the 2010 fiscal year. The majority of federal revenue comes from income taxes and payroll taxes levied directly

Qualifications to Work as a Child Daycare Provider

Those with a love of children can find an enjoyable career as a daycare provider. Whether you offer your own in-home daycare services or work at an already established daycare center, you can help children learn and grow on a daily basis. Before you start your career as a daycare provider, consider

What Are the Benefits of GST?

A goods and services tax (GST) is a value-added tax. It is applied at each point in the supply chain, and levied equally on goods and services supplied. GST paid on products or services a company uses to operate its business are offset through tax credits. Adopting GST has four primary benefits: it

What Is the Purpose of a Real Estate Sale Form?

The real estate sale form is used to exchange a home from a seller to a buyer. The contract specifies both the seller's and buyer's rights in the transaction. These rights include the right to cancellation, the right to conduct home inspections and the right accept or reject an offer.

Disclosure of Confidential Data - Obligation of Tax Preparer

This article purports to inform general tax payers about the recent change in rules pertaining to the obligation of tax preparers. In nutshell, no confidential data of the tax payer can be disclosed by a tax preparer to any third party without the express permission of the tax payer.

Credit For College Students

While filing your online tax return you can never be sure that the choice of deductions etc that you have made is the perfect one.

Time Is Running Out To Do Your Tax Planning!

How tax planning prior to year end can save you big dollars on your taxes.One of the biggest mistakes made by business owners and real estate investors is waiting until it is too late to assess the tax impact of your business income and real estate transactions. There are several reasons for this.

Do Not Take Tax Returns Lightly!

Every year, as the tax due date draws nigh, there are a lot of theories, arguments, and false information that float around claiming tax returns are not mandatory and that are a frivolous activity. The spread of this information has become more prevalent with the prominence of the internet and onlin

Dependent Student Tax Write Offs

If you claim someone else as a dependent and you pay a majority of their educational costs, you may be able to take a credit or deduction from your taxes. The deductions can either be an above-the-line deduction or an itemized deduction. When you file your tax return, you must decide whether you wan

Does Your Vehicle Donation Qualify For an IRS Deduction?

In donating a vehicle, there are a few requirements that must be followed. First, you should enumerate your deduction in your tax return. Your adjusted gross income should not exceed half of your total deductions.

Tax Deductions - Qualifying Medical Expenses

Medical expenses, including mileage for medical travel, are an allowable tax deduction. There are however, various rules that apply to this qualification. Firstly, the IRS provides a list of the medical expenses that qualify for the deduction.

The Tony Blair Tax Mystery

On 9 January 2012 the Mail Online Reported That Despite a 42% Rise on Earnings Last Year That Tony Blair Only Paid 315,000 in Tax to HMRC on a Declared Income of 12m... The former ...

Marital Property Agreements

When a couple gets divorced, the property they owned during the marriage must get split up between them. The couple must either agree to these property settlements, also called property agreements, or the court will decide how the property gets divided. The laws that govern property agreements diffe

What is Audit Software?

For businesses, internal controls have never been as important as they are today. For a variety of reasons, having a set of internal accounting standards are critical to overall success. Beyond just being able to ...

California Income Tax Questions

OverviewCreatas/Creatas/Getty ImagesCalifornia's income tax scheme is administered by the State of California Franchise Tax Board, or FTB. Income tax in the state is charged progressively, meaning that as a person earns more, progressively higher rates of tax are applied to that...

How to Figure the Sales Tax Portion of a Purchase

Every state has its own laws on how much sales tax to charge on each item. The sales tax is a percent of the cost of the purchase, not a set amount. That means that each unique purchase will have a sales tax figure added to it. If you know the purchase price of your item and the current sales tax ra

How to Efile Form 2290

File your Form 2290 with the IRS, visit for more information on paper filing. The IRS encourages all filers to file electronically, and it is required of those reporting 25 or more vehicles through software providers.